Ultimate AVATAR Fans

IGGY - Neytiri AVATAR enthusiasts take their fandom seriously. Where some fans list their home base as San Diego, others like Ney Taronyu may just assert they live on Pandora. Fans like vee sweat the details of the upcoming sequels. And then there's the makeup, as MTV showed on these New Zealand fans in February 2010.

But possibly the most committed fan of AVATAR is IGGY, a.k.a. Mr. AVATAR, of Edmonton, Alberta and a member of this site. He's also known as the AVATAR Tattoo Guy, and with good reason: He has at least eight AVATAR-related tattoos on him, six of which are Neytiri, according to Geekologie. His license plate reads "NEYTIRI" as well, and the back gate of his pickup sports a montage of AVATAR scenes.

Unreality interviewed IGGY—who with his shirt on looks like anyone else you'd see on the street, and is actually named Raymond Knowles—and found that he's seen the movie over 40 times and counting, and is headed to the gym to sculpt better spaces for future tattoos. That's what total commitment looks like.

Sometimes fandom leaps off the Internet (or your truck) and into society at large, according to Metro: Forestry officials in Hunan Province, China began offering Pandora-themed tours and weddings in the Wulingyuan area, whose peaks inspired AVATAR's Hallelujah Mountains. Unfortunately one of the brides thought the visiting Na'vi (actually forestry workers in costume) were pathetic, according to Digital Spy. Meanwhile, By: Beckett mistakenly thought the two Na'vi in this photo were grooms and wondered where the third woman's husband was.

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How do you like to show the world you're an AVATAR fan?



As for me, the way I like to show the world that I'm an Avatar fan is just by saying that Avatar is my favorite movie of all time and also the fact that I've seen it more than 10 times in theaters.


I tend to show my alliegance a little too much. I have been known to speak incredibly poor Na'vi (still learning) and my apartment has some (okay quite a bit) avatar related paraphrenalia in it. Also, I make jewelry as a hobby and well, I tend to create jewelry that is inspired by the film. Still.. Iggy here puts my fandom to shame!!!!

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