Something Blue: AVATAR Weddings

Jake ready for battle Come on, you know you’ve always wanted to have an AVATAR-themed wedding…oh, you haven’t? Well, some fans have. Recently, there came this news: “Enterprising events organisers in natural beauty spot Wu Lingyuan, southern China, are cashing in on the fact that James Cameron used their stunning mountain range as the inspiration for his fantasy planet's floating peaks.” “Every time I look at that photo I chuckle,” writes Slashfilm. “Not only because people actually paid for it, but because the one Na’vi isn’t looking and the other seems to be throwing a gang sign while three pretty girls just smile totally unaware of the fame they’re about to receive.”

So have any of these AVATAR-themed weddings taken place stateside? Earlier this year, Daughter of Design wrote about her Avatar-inspired wedding ideas: “Your officiant would ask you to bond hair-to-hair at which time the groom reveals his ‘ponytail’ from the back of his tux jacket and the bride, maybe have a small strand tied under her hair-do that you can easily release and then recite to each other: ‘Oel ngati kameie’…Supplies: For the ponytail you can either go to a wig shop or costume shop and get one of those Manchu queues or use a strand of black rope. Then just fray the tip a bit and spray paint it white at the one end. Then you need to adhere somehow a strong magnet to both ends so that during the bonding ceremony they'll connect.” Okay. Yeah!

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If you do this at your wedding, let us know!


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