AVATAR vs. Tron – How they Stack Up

Tronvsavatar Last year’s big 3D movie with fans was AVATAR—this year some are saying it’s Tron: Legacy. There’s actually a Tron vs. AVATAR website: “We want to encourage TRON fans everywhere to watch TRON Legacy more times than they saw AVATAR. So if you saw AVATAR once, see TRON Legacy twice. If you saw AVATARfour times, see TRON five times.” Well, how do the films stack up? LA Weekly presents an infographic pitting the two against each other. Cinedork.com says that Tron’s visuals are better: “Unlike AVATAR where every shot was made specifically for you to drool over, Tron’s visuals are much more intelligent and sophisticated and aid to the dark story tone throughout the film… Move over James Cameron, Disney kicked your **s in originality and visuals and dare I say… 3D.” The Moviefone Blog compares the films by story, characters, and 3D technology, and finds that the winner is… “AVATAR is the better moviegoing experience, and the better movie.

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Did you see Tron? How do you think it compared to AVATAR?



This Tron vs Avatar event is making me laugh. There's actually a site to encourage Tron fans to make Tron: Legacy the highest grossing film of all time? Avatar never received huge amounts of media attention and was hardly advertised. The hype didn't come from the media unlike Tron: Legacy, but from word of mouth. And with Tron: Legacy receiving poor reviews from critics, I just don't see it prevailing.


You are kidding me, right?

Okay, bottom line? On a scale of 1-10, Avatar is a 10 (no, seriously, I've only given four films a 10 in my life, and there is absolutely no question that A gets a 10. If there was an 11, I would award Avatar that -- it's that good). Tron? MAX maybe 4. I might give it a 4.5 if you feed me enough free lemon meringue pie :)

I saw both in IMAX 3D. Tron's music line (if you can call it that) was horribly overdone, to the point of being physically painful at times. There is not a single organic element in the entire movie outside the actors, which are entirely two-dimensional. The story is unintelligible, the dialog at times completely undecipherable, the plot is, at the same time, simplistic and convoluted, confusing, and just plain boring. There is no significant relationship, no chemistry, no emotion, etc. etc.

I wont go on. About the only thing the two films have in common is that they both have blue in their logo. Beyond that, it's like comparing the Mona Lisa to tagging on the side of a dump truck in Los Angeles.

Is that clear enough for ya? ;)


One other thing...

Just so you don't think I 'have it in' for Disney...

Even though Tron Legacy was pretty much a disaster, in my view, the flip side is that the Animation Studios over at Disney hit a home run with their 50th animated feature, 'Tangled'. Although it is, of course, in a completely different genre, and intended to address a very different demographic than Avatar, Tangled may very well be the best animated feature ever made by Disney. (and, no, I'm not overstating it). If it's not a 10 (i haven't yet fully decided), it's certainly a solid 9. Tangled is a marvelous, well-told, funny, engaging, poignant tale, suitable for children of all ages.

And the technology doesn't suck either. Hair is impossibly difficult to do, and Rapunzel's hair is quite possibly the best I've ever seen.

So, if you want to see a movie again, and you want to support Disney, ignore Tron, and buy a few more tickets to Tangled!


Are you kidding??

Avatar. yes I will agree that Avatar is a good movie but not a 10, sure 8 or 9. for example since they never wanted Jake to get the NA'VI to move why did they send them in the first place? Why were they ground troopers if they were going to bomb the place? the plot was similar to other movies (don't get me wrong i love this movie i bought the blu-ray collectors edition). but one thing that is against this movie was me and 5 other friends all saw the ending coming during Jake's training montage.

Tron. was amazing to look at and was very entertaining (seen it twice already once at mid-night opening night). Steve, of course there's no organic elements in the movie it' almost entirely based in a computer and if I open my computer all I find is some dust and components, sorry no plants. The music was bad??? really it flows perfectly in the movie and is just what to expect from and movie based in a computer. the story was alot like the first one, but still clever. I'm not sure where you got that the dialog is undecipherable from it made perfect sense throughout the movie.
The only conclusion I can come to is you saw it wearing a welders mask and ear protection.

Avatar 8-9/10
Tron 7-8/10



Film is art, and as a result, everyone will perceive it differently. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' as regards opinions about films -- they affect each of us differently.

I will, however, respond to your comment about organics in Tron. My point was, simply, that a movie about characters 'based in a computer', as you put it, and therefore inorganic by nature, was not compelling nor moving for me. I did not enjoy the film. One of the most compelling parts, for me, of Avatar was the life that is in every frame of the movie (which was, as an aside, created entirely inside a computer).

I concluded that the dialog was undecipherable from the fact that I could not decipher it. (and thanks for the analogy, but no, I was wearing neither 'a welder's mask', nor 'ear protection'). Castigating those who disagree with you is inconsistent with the spirit of Neytiri, and I will not descend.


I do see your point. In my opinion there both great movies, but Tron is planning to make a second movie and I think there will but good improvement and quite possibly and better movie. Where Avatar was such a big hit and good first movie (and from what I hear of a second one) it has a bigger possibility of being worse then the first movie.
Quick question have you seen the first Tron? (just curious).

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