AVATAR on the iPhone

Avatariphone If AVATAR is the iPhone of movies, the AVATAR iPhone game is the AVATAR of iPhone games.

Not that James Cameron wants people to watch AVATAR on an iPhone—he really, really doesn't, blogs the Huffington Post—but presumably he's been cool with people playing an iPhone game on an iPhone. So here it is: Avatar for the iPhone (and iPod Touch).

The game takes place two decades before the Avatar movie and centers on Capt. Ryan Lorenz, a human who becomes the first AVATAR and, as Macworld tells us, gradually shifts his allegiance toward his new blue buddies. Rest assured that 16 levels leave a lot of room for banshee-versus-Scorpion shoot-'em-ups; see the demo videos here.

Reviewers have given it largely positive reviews, with IGN blogging that the world is richly drawn but the combat a bit one-note and IntoMobile writing that the game's many checkpoints are a lifesaver—literally—in case you need to stop playing suddenly. Pocket Gamer initially disses the game as "Smurfs for adults" but then thoughtfully categorizes the game's strengths (enormous variety) and weaknesses (the iPhone user interface can make accurate jumps difficult, a common reviewer complaint).

AppSpy says frame rates can be low but that's a worthy tradeoff for some of the 3D visuals you'll experience. Gamer Limit has a harder time ignoring the frame-rate slowdown but says the iPhone version is still better, pound for pound, than its console counterpart. iPhone Gamer Blog wrote that you get a ton of content and the action within it is a lot of fun.

AppConsumer has a video review that familiarizes viewers with game set-up and training, saying that there's a lot of running, riding (of direhorses) and flying to be done in this game—and closes by raving that the iPhone game is as epic as the movie.

Have you checked out AVATAR on the iPhone?



Maybe it deserves to be on the iPhone after all 3D movies saw it's most successful response in Avatar. Titanic had the only a small part of 3D effect in the movie but Avatar was all about 3D.

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