AVATAR 2—Who's In and Who's Out?

Trudy As James Cameron has announced he’ll begin producing AVATAR 2 in 2011, with a possible release date of December 2014. So which actors are in and which are out? “The filmmakers plan to shoot the movies back to back with much of the same cast,” reports The Hollywood Reporter. “Asked whether stars Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana had signed for the sequels, [Cameron’s partner Jon] Landau said, ‘We won't have a problem.’” And even Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang could come back as Grace and Quaritch. “Whether Quaritch comes back or not…who’s to say what form he would come back in, you know anything could happen I suppose on Pandora,” Lang told Screenrant. “I think to see [Quaritch's] first day on Pandora would be real interesting, because that’s where [his] scars came from.”

Sigourney Weaver said, in an interview on a French TV show, that she’s discussed her return with Cameron. Yeah, she died in the first film, but “Weaver had a bit of an explanation for that, saying that her character still exists ‘in the tree,’ whatever that means,” wrote Vulture. “We'll admit that we're a little skeptical of this idea, but at this point Cameron has earned the ability to do pretty much whatever the hell he wants.” Cinemablend wrote, “Considering the emphasis placed on the Na’vi connection to their ancestors via Eywa, this whole concept seems sensible. Weaver never mentions that the role would a major one; just that she’ll be involved. Perhaps she’ll offer Jake and Neytiri some sort of guidance via the Tree of Voices. But wait, those were destroyed weren’t they? And so the speculation continues.” And as for Norm and Trudy… we'll have to wait and see.

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Who do you hope will be in the AVATAR sequels?



I hope Trudy comes back! I think she's great. : D

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