Where to Find or Buy AVATAR Costumes for Movie Parties or Halloween

While online costume sites might be the first place you think of looking for complete costumes from the AVATAR movie, there are other places to check which may help you find a more unique AVATAR costume. Here are some ideas for less obvious places to look for costumes.

Guest post by Rebecca Scudder

Already need your AVATAR costume for an AVATAR viewing party or Cosplay event? Unfortunately, most online costume sites are saying that they will not have any licensed AVATAR costumes available until early in the fall. But, this doesn’t mean you need to wait until September to put your costume together. While you may not find a full AVATAR costume package, you can put one together from several pieces that are available now.


Need an AVATAR wig? There are a lot of wigs that were not created for AVATAR costumes that can meet your needs. Egyptian wigs are a good choice; often shoulder length black braided hair, you may need to buy a long black braid to attach at the back. There are also wigs with long dreadlocks. Add black cords and beads to them and get a great Na’vi wig with an original touch. There is even a braided wig for the Corpse Bride that can pass for a Na’vi wig.


Blue makeup is quite easy to find. Unless you have a brand you are crazy about, just add a couple of tubes of different shades of blue to the next purchase you make at any costume site. Does your local drugstore have a sale on generic makeup kits? If so, just grab a set with 15 colors of eye shadow, and use it for additional makeup shading.

AVATAR Costume Pieces

eBay is a great place to buy costumes or costume pieces. Now that the AVATAR DVD has been released, there will be a lot of fans and costumers studying the movie and selling their original ideas on eBay in the next few months. You should look there for masks, jewelry, accessories, and other AVATAR costume items.

Na’vi and AVATARs are not clones, but the 15,000 people who buy the same licensed AVATAR movie costume will look like they are. If you buy a piece of a licensed costume to finish off your own costume, think about how you might customize it. You could add your own apron or drape instead of the plain brown cotton rectangle on a commercial version. Add in elements meant for other costumes. For example, buycostumes.com has a set of blue hands for Dr. Manhattan. While they don’t have 4 fingers, they do have molded veins and are very realistic- and very blue. All you would need to do is add stripes with a marker.

Other Sources

Check the dollar store regularly for bits and pieces. You might find a handful of bracelets made from wooden beads, or heishi necklaces made from shell or in earth tones. One day they might have a hairclip with feathers attached. They are also a great place to check for makeup kits and eye shadow palettes.

Are you planning to be Jake or Dr. Grace? Khaki pants and shirt that are meant for everyday wear are likely to be made of nicer fabric, hold up better, and fit better than a costume that comes in small, medium and large. That department store also might have an inexpensive pair of work boots. Since this is a costume you may want to wear a number of times, you should consider getting pieces that can last.

For pieces to create your blue body, go to a ballet shop and find sturdy dancers’ tights and a leotard in a Na’vi shade of blue. Again, stripe that perfectly color matched set of tights, leotard and ballet slippers with your darker blue fabric marker.

Remember, every Na’vi AVATAR in the movie was created as a hybrid for a specific individual. When you buy the pieces of your AVATAR movie costume, think of the different pieces as building your own special hybrid, customized especially for you.

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What do you consider essential for an AVATAR movie costume?


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