Avatar Sequel Coming in 2014

Hometree distance James Cameron said he expects to release his next film in 3-4 years and that it may be the sequel to AVATAR with even more 3D technology than the first version. He's also already leaked details about what will be in the next version of the film – and why it won't be called AVATAR 2. Cameron has also hinted all along that the sequel may even be already well underway: "I've had a storyline in mind from the start–there are even scenes in AVATAR that I kept in because they lead to the sequel. The CG plants and trees and creatures and the musculo-skeletal rigging of the main characters–that all takes an enormous amount of time to create. It’d be a waste not to use it again." And Sam Worthington is already signed to play Jake Sully again.

Of course, given Cameron's history of taking 10 years to complete a film, there's still a chance that his next film won't be the sequel to AVATAR and instead be "some other big film that uses 3D." But he's also said he wouldn't let anyone else direct the sequel and News Corp has confirmed it is in talks with Cameron about the sequel. Even actors whose characters got killed at the end of the movie want a encore: “You think those two arrows in my chest are going to stop me from coming back?” said Stephen Lang, who plays the evil Quaritch."Nothing’s over so long as they’ve got my DNA."

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What do you think - will the AVATAR sequel be Cameron's next new film?



well that really sucks. so he is saying we wont have a sequal in 3 or 4 years and it may not even be a sequal of the movie, well that really suck alot.


Avatar sequel in the year 2014. Ugh..so long away.


By that time we already discovered Pandora for real! ;-)

I will be insanely dissapointed if they rush it out.
4 years is great for a great project!


I sure hope it's his next project, thats all i can say. I don't mind waiting as long as it's his next film. But if it's not then we're talking like 8-10 years and i'm simply not THAT patient.


omg 2014 thats such a long way but its going to probably be fantastic an da great story behind it.

Nicholas Carreras

At least we have AVATAR to tide us over. But i agree, it's going to be an itch we can't scratch, knowing that it's out there and we have to wait for it.

You know how there are still some theaters that play the Rocky Horror Picture show, even though it's decades old.

WEll, there should be theaters that will continually play AVATAR till the sequel comes out.

Ateyo 'uniltiranyu (dreamwalker72)

What about 2012? We'll all be dead by 2014. :(


Given that computers' computational power doubles roughly every 18 months, I expect the CGI to be at least twice as impressive! :)

Steven Rendon

looking forward to this sequel! cant wait.


Haha, love what Ateyo said! I can personally wait though, I've managed to get over my obsession for Avatar for the best part. In James Cameron, the production team and cast I trust!

Aneylu Ka’eyna A’iwey™ (Charles)

We're all going to have to wait, whether we want to or not, let's hope it's awesome like the first :)


I'm excited for it, and I do want to see Jake and Neytiri's further adventures and explore more of Pandora. I am wondering what the title will be though....I would call it Olo'eyktan because Jake is, well he's the olo'eyktan or clan leader of the omaticaya, but it's Cameron's choice on what he names it...still only 3 more years!!!!

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