AVATAR Re-Release Coming to Theaters in August - With 6 Extra Minutes

Arches Get ready! James Cameron has confirmed again that AVATAR will be re-released in 3D in theaters in August 2010. He threw out the August date again this week at the D:All Things Digital conference (D8). Catch the liveblog of Cameron's entire talk here. In an earlier interview he also confirmed some planned extra footage in the re-release version: “We’re working on finishing an additional six minutes of the film — which includes a lot of Weta work — for a theatrical re-release in August. We were sold out of our IMAX performances right up to the moment until they were contractually obligated to switch to Alice in Wonderland… Clearly, it wasn’t market forces directly; it was the availability of theaters. " In other words, look for it to be in lots of 3D theaters including IMAX.

Other 3D films coming out in that time are Step Up 3D (8/6) and Piranha 3D (8/27). In September look for Resident Evil: Afterlife (9/10) and Zack Snyder's animated Legend of the Guardians (9/24). In October there is Jackass 3D (10/15) and Saw VII (10/22).

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How many times will you see AVATAR in the theater when it's re-released in August? And is 6 extra minutes enough to make you go?



SO EXCITED! Hard to say how many times i'll see it but it'll be way more than once, thats for sure.


Oh yes ! Once again into Pandora's world ... here we go !


I'll continue to see Avatar in theaters as long as it remains there, whether or not it has six minutes of additional footage.


Hup! Just like a "Shaved Tail Louie" I'll be there with as much anticipation as the first time! I've watched the Blu-Ray version 15 times and the film is layered with visual intensity that demands multiple viewings in order to see everything! I cannot believe that Avatar, one of the finest films in the history of cinema, garnered very few awards from the SAG and MTV. While "The Hurt Locker" was a great movie it did not bear watching multiple times. As for "Twilight" you can just gag me with a spoon! Also, I'll be eagerly awaiting the release of the updated Avatar on Blu-Ray later this year.


I, too, am so anxious for the re-release of Avatar in theaters! Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to see it in 3D. but have watched the Blu-Ray version countless times! Every time is a revelation, allowing me to focus on different things in each scene, We are getting a new tv and after hours of research, I opted to buy a Samsung 55C8000XF along with a samsung bdc6900 blu ray player so when Avatar is released in 3D, we're all set! If you love this movie as much as I do. you just can't match the picture of a Samsung. The clarity and color is so incredible that you are totally immersed in the world of Pandora!!! I have never in my life been as totally obsessed by a movie as I am with Avatar! Every viewing brings magic!

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