Ikran, Thanator, Direhorse: All About the AVATAR Movie Animals

Ikran fly The animals from the movie AVATAR are fictional, but they are also so realistic that you might actually forget that fact while watching the movie. The AVATAR movie animals were created with a great attention to detail, just as was the case with the landscapes and other characters, which brings the animals to life on the screen. When you learn more about these animals, you will find that the details are every bit as fascinating as their appearance. Here is an introduction to just a few of the interesting creatures from the movie:

Guest post by Ty Wingfoot

The animals from the movie AVATAR are of course fictional, but the movie is so visually captivating and lifelike that you might forget they aren’t real while you are watching it. Just as is the case with the characters and the landscapes, the AVATAR movie animals were created with an attention to detail that brings them to life. Additionally, when you learn more about the animals themselves, you find that they are just as fascinating as they look. Although there are far too many interesting creatures in the movie to list, here is an introduction to a few of Pandora’s more fascinating fauna:


Direhorse2Although these creatures are horse-like in nature, they have six legs, tough skin with stripes, long necks, and armor over their shoulders, back, and head. Their realistic movements in the movie were a result of using real horses as models, with computer motion sensors attached near their head and joints to capture their movements for computer 3-D modeling.

Mountain Banshee (Ikran)

Ikran bansheeResembling a pteranodon and called an ikran in Na'vi, these powerful flying creatures are a force to be reckoned with. Na’vi warriors engage in a rite of passage by bonding with one of these creatures. An ikran will only bond with one warrior in its lifetime.

Hammerhead Titanothere

Titanothere Massive in size, these grazing creatures travel in packs. They have a social but territorial nature, and have a tendency to charge if they are angered. They can put on quite an intimidating display. The males in particular are quite territorial.


Thanator toy A fearsome land predator, these creatures are equipped with a powerful armored tail that can cause a lot of damage. It has a quick and deadly strike and can look quite intimidating when the plates around its neck flare. Thanators prefer to hunt alone.


Viperwolf Another of Pandora’s six-legged creatures, the viperwolf is an intelligent predator that prefers to hunt in small groups. It can climb trees thanks to its opposable thumbs, and is quite cunning in its ability to stalk and kill prey. Young viperwolf cubs grow up quickly and are hunting on their own within months after they are born.



 Central to the Na’vi culture and lore, the leonopteryx is celebrated in song and dance. It has six legs, but it is considered to be an evolution from the four-limbed form of the banshee. It also has four wings and powerful flying abilities.


Hexapede-247x300 Beautiful and yet fragile, it is a prime target for many predators. However, due to the fact that they breed rapidly, they are able to maintain a population on Pandora. Feeding on leaves, berries and tree bark, these creatures are quite docile.

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Hexapede, thanator, ikran - what's your favorite animal on Pandora in AVATAR?


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