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        How many times have you seen AVATAR now - and what was the best time?



5 times, every time is the best :P the the 1st, coz i saw it again since 28th Dec.


24 times, First time was unforgettable experience, like all first times ;p


8 times and each time got better


I have seen Avatar a total of ten times to date. All of the amount of times I have seen the movie have been in the movie theater as I believe that Avatar is a cinema best enjoyed in the movie theaters. This movie has been such an experience that I am so glad I got to enjoy. About two weeks after its release, my friends wanted to take me out to see Avatar. I have never saw a film in IMAX 3D before so my friends and I went to an IMAX theater to go see the movie. When we got to the theater in Manhattan, the IMAX tickets were sold out two hours before the movie started and we decided to watch it in digital 3D. Now, when I first heard of this movie, I didn't care much for it and didn't hear about all the hype. I thought it was just going to be another popcorn film.

After walking out of the theater, I was like an ecstatic little kid, playing out some of the scenes using gestures. I said to my friends, "I really liked it! We have come back to watch it in IMAX 3D!." Now I wouldn't say my first viewing was the best time, but when we came back a second time, that made me fall in love with the movie. That's when I saw it in IMAX 3D. The grand theater experience as I thought. The full immersive experience just had me in the movie along with its compelling story and beautifully choreographed action scenes. The rest was history.


4 times and of course the first time was te best , in 3d. and when I saw it the first time i didn't know anything about the movie. but it was great and I hope that I still live in the year 2154 so that i can go to pandora my self(in 2154 I will be 162 years old but you never know) .and I only saw is 4 times becouse I don't want to see the Avatar blu ray on our old crapy tv. and for me Avatar is the best movie until now.


for me 5 times is the dvd :P and 3times in cinema (1 was Imax :P )

Account Deleted

How many times have you seen AVATAR now - and what was the best time?
If I were to tell you how many times I've seen AVATAR, you wouldn't believe me.

As for what was the best time? ........I would have to say the second time.
The first viewing of AVATAR was so overwhelming that I barely managed to follow the story line, much less take in all of the detail. The movie took my breath away.
I am convinced (that) the second time I watched AVATAR, I was better able to concentrate on the dialog and magnificent detail of James Cameron's Pandora and it's people, the Na'vi.

Eyrina (Georgia)

I've seen Avatar 12 times at the theater and I've lost count of how many times I've seen it since I got the DVD. I think the best time was the 3rd time, I'd seen it enough times by then to start to pay attention to the Na'vi language and to see more of the details.

Tsanten Anthony

13 Times - Loved every one, as It felt like the first time every time I saw it in the theater.


How many times did I see the movie Avatar and what was the best time?
I have only watched it a few times, as a matter fact three times has it been that I have watched Avatar. Twice in theaters 3D, once on a friends DVD. All three times, to me, it could be said it was a kodak moment. Of course it couldn't be like a kodal photo but more like motion picture trilogy called "Good Times with Avatar". First time with my father. Second time was my best friends, third time, best friends revisited. At first I was rather skeptical about watching this movie, especially because I am not the hardcore sci-fi movie type of person. However I was astounded after I watched this movie, what I really liked the movie was just that the lifestyle of the Avatar almost symbolized freedoms in its truest form in my perspective. There were many great themes in this movie, and this movie didn't concentrate only on the specs of the mechs and space..I could go on for a while on why I enjoyed this movie, but considering this is a blog post it would be best to make it as short as possible. Now, if I had to really pick from the "trilogy" of my memories. It would be a tough choice. However, I would have to say that best time was the first time with my father. It was such a great day as it was, and then me any dad really bonded with each other because if this movie, which we have not done so in a while, so our relationship really took off. First movie in a while in which there is some sentimental value to me behind it. Thank you production team for doing that, it really made that day.


i have seen it 15 times and ever time was the best time


Ive only seen it once, when it first came out...The 3-D was incredibly awesome...the movie was great..all the action scenes were filmed the flying dragons scenes ! This is the best movie I have seen in a long time..James Cameron has done it again !! Cant wait to see it again and again on DVD or Blue Ray ..when I am able to buy a nice LCD TV someday..and one of those players to capture all the movie.


I am guessing about 12 times,
My first time was in 2D on december 17, because the 3D was sold out...
Then in 3D a few days later...

On new years day in 3D with a friend who actually has a tattoo of a dragon on his skull!
He was already hooked on the movie when the first trailers appeared! ;-)
This time I sat on the 4th row, (as the 3D effect is much better in the front then in the back!), it really was a lot better!

My best time was defenitly the 4th time as I flew over to another country to enjoy it in a magnificent IMAX 3D theater!

I actually flew over there twice for it! ;-)

Account Deleted

I've seen it 10 times, I'm obsessed!
And EVERY time was the best
The movie is magic, what else can I say
Now please can I have it
On Blue-Ray?
(This is the part where you say "Yes" LOL!!)


I have seen Avatar twice so far. The first time was amazing,the second time I caught more detail. I still want to see it in 3-D......... Its an amazing movie filled with beauty and love,and so much magic.
I would love to win it on BLUE Ray, and share the magic,beauty and love with my children.
I will end up looking at this about 20 times at least, there is so much there,the depth,the colors,and the knowledge. {PICK ME} :} Yeah !!!!


I'm not exactly sure I've seen it 18 times in theaters and 2-3 times a day since i got the DvD/ Blu-Ray, (5-6 times on days off) I watch it all the way through, and it never gets old, it is the perfect movie, every time is the best time

Take me to Pandora!

Account Deleted

I have seen avatar 3 times- twice on 3D. It gets me everytime. So cool!

Heidi M.

Account Deleted

Lol, guys you do understand that only those who are members of Avatar community on TypePad participate in the raffle? :)

Nicholas Carreras

I've seen AVATAR in theaters 10 times. 5 in 2D and 5 in 3D.

My first time seeing it was in 3D. It was the first 3D move that didn't use the 3D effects as a crutch, which gave it extra meaning to me.

After AVATAR left theaters in my area, I've watched the trailers about once or twice a week or watched every and any clip on the internet i could find devotedly up till about 2 months ago.

I think i can honestly say that if i were to edit every bit and clip of footage out there on the internet i've watched (Prior to DVD/Blu-ray release) I could of made my own complete AVATAR movie, scene for scene, plus some of the deleted scene's.


I've saw it in the theater 11 times, but I've lost track since I bought the DVD. The best time for me was the 2nd time in IMAX 3D. The second time I was able to watch the detail and beauty of Pandora. IMAX was completely amazing. I continued to see it in that theater until Alice and Wonderland took over. :(

Account Deleted

I have seen it 4 times at cinema,and 3 times on dvd. Every time it is the best :-)...

Account Deleted

How many times have you seen AVATAR now - and what was the best time?

I'm going to admit to watching AVATAR 25 times and that's a modest guess.

The best time? The time I watched the movie after I joined typepad. All my omati clan had trivia to share and details for me to look for. I was able to overcome my 'awe' to cultivate 'appreciation' for James Cameron and his enormous attention to detail.

I love the movie, AVATAR. I hope the DVD will bring more people into the fold.


I've seen Avatar 8 times in cinema and I most enjoyed the 3rd viewing.
First I saw it on December 22nd and then only 18 hours later again. I was completely overwhelmed and I was so deeply impressed that my eyes and my brain could hardly handle it. I couldn't believe what I had seen
After that I took a break of 3 weeks. During that time I joined this community and watched every trailer, video and interview about Avatar that I could find. I learnt more about the background and intentions; and I remembered details that other members had found and shared here. It was by mid-January when I returned to Pandora and then it felt like coming to a place that I had visited already and that I was already familiar with. I knew the storyline and could look at details. And after watching many interviews where Sam and Zoe explained how they interpreted Jake and Neytiri and which message they wanted to transport, it was great to see how that came across in the movie.


So far only 3 times, but life has been hectic and I intend to increase my number dramatically. I'd say the 2nd time was the best because I saw it in 3D. The first time I saw it I was overwhelmed by this beautiful world that was being shown to me. The next time, in 3D, I didn't just see the world; I became a part of it and that has never happened to me before.


17 times to date. The best for me was my 2nd time. While it didn't hold the pure shock and awe of the 1st, everything really sunk in and took hold of me. It had a huge impact, as i really got to enjoy everything i was seeing by taking in and noticing a lot that i had missed the 1st time around. The 1st time made my draw drop, but the 2nd hooked me for life.

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