What's Your Na'vi Name? Best AVATAR Name Generators

Split Most languages evolve organically over thousands of years but Na'vi is the creation of linguist Paul Frommer, a professor of clinical management communication at U.S.C., who created the Na’vi language from scratch for James Cameron. So how do you figure out your Na'vi name? Rum & Monkey has created a Na'vi Name Generator. All the names generated are based on the real Na'vi language. Put in your name (or any handle or word you want), choose your gender, and you'll have your Na'vi name. If you know what your name means in non Na'vi (Jake = God is Gracious; Trudy = Spear, Strong; find out what your name means here) then you can also find you Na'vi name by looking up the closest meaning in the Na'vi language at Learn Na'vi. Finally, if you're a Facebook user and want to share your Na'vi name with your Facebook friends and the world, you can also use the Facebook Decode Your Na'vi Name app.

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What's your Na'vi name? How did you determine it and what does it mean?



Look like my Na'vi name is Ni`awtu :)


My Na'vi name that I put in the Na'vi name generator is "Waranyu". I kinda like it.


My name in Na'vi was Teylar. Sounds like Tyler. I like it actually.

Account Deleted

Tansi Kiya!

I decided or I should say the universe decided to choose my Na'vi name a long time ago! It's evolved over a few years and today has become Tam Finn...The Kiche Spirited!

It's gender, culturally and organically neutral...meaning it's a blend or mix of no less than two variations of each!

Please meet Tam Finn here...



Txur�itan thats my name .does the square mean my name is Txur'itan ? with an apostrophe? some please reply! :)

Nibba LilPump

My name is Hukato.... i dont know when neytiri loves me

André (Styggwe)

My Na'vi nam became "Atanwyr" and i gotta say i kinda like it ;D


My na´vi name is Ateyo, I think is Tsu Tei´s father name


My na'vi name is Strenood !! I dont like it thet much but its awesome!!! lol ...<3


My Na'vi name is Kiyeri. I used Rum&Monkey name generator, the one facebook tried giving me was to weird and had no clue where they would have gotten it.

Oel ngati kameie


my Na'vi name is Bakteyo. it also means Shadow. i love it! lol.

Millie Rohrer

My Na'vi name is Mi`niri . So cool but what does it mean!

Millie Rohrer

Also if an actual language was made can we learn how to speak it or not?

Daniel Keim

apparently mine is Atan eko

Account Deleted

ohe tslam! ;-)

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