What Special Features Are on the AVATAR DVD?

Bioluminescence If you are eager to find out the truth about the AVATAR DVD special features, here are the facts. The DVD itself is the movie. The same is true for the Blu-Ray. However, don't let that fool you. There are, in fact, several AVATAR DVD special features that come with the disc. A special code that comes with each Blu-Ray or DVD disc sold unfolds lots of special features, from sponsoring the planting of a tree to putting yourself in the AVATAR action. Here's a look at the special features included on the first DVD release.

Guest post by Robin Raven

There have been a lot of rumors about the AVATAR DVD special features. As part of its message and Earth Day release date, rather than add a lot of bulk to the packaging itself, the special features that accompany your initial AVATAR Earth Day Release DVD are available digitally. Within the DVD (or Blu-Ray) package, there will only be the movie itself and a code you can use to redeem great additional features online.

Basic DVD Features

The AVATAR DVD cover art is beautiful, in keeping with the colors and ambiance of the film itself. The DVD or Blu-Ray disc is available to view with subtitles and the following languages: English, French and Spanish. It's presented in its widescreen format and has a running time of 162 minutes

The Blu-Ray disc will feature a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack and 1080p video.

Environmental Special Features

The April 22 AVATAR disc is specially designed for Earth Day. Each copy of AVATAR includes a code that fans can use to access a special part of the official AVATAR website. Sign up to adopt a tree via the Earth Day Network. This Network is planning on planting a million trees within fifteen countries by the end of 2010. You can give the tree your name or a special AVATAR name of yourself or anything you like! Viewers can even name trees after their children or at least their favorite pets.


Another special feature of each edition of the initial AVATAR DVD release is a coupon towards obtaining the special edition release in November. This second release will definitely contain several special features, including lost footage that will not be shown during the theatrical re-release this summer.


Access to this is given through the Earth Day DVD release of Avatar, according to the official press release. In Pandorama, you can insert yourself into many of the fictitious AVATAR locations by using your webcam. You can take pictures or share it with friends. This feature can really create a lot of fun party favors among your guests, if you are having an AVATAR party. Simply print a photo of each guest in the world of Pandora, then print a copy for each guest to take home or email it to them. You can all be Na'vi on your favorite social networking site.


This is another digital AVATAR DVD special feature. It's the official guide to the planet of Pandora, from the creative mind of James Cameron. You can learn facts on the fictitious planet, and even use it to create a fun game – which is again, perfect for parties. Dare anyone to best your Pandora knowledge.

Interactive Desktop Wallpaper

As a really fun AVATAR DVD special feature, this digital treat can keep any diehard AVATAR fan connected to all of the latest news on the movie. You can get videos and social network news and updates. You can even get access to exclusive AVATAR content!

Because of a desire to make sure that the Blu-Ray and DVD was of the highest quality without concerns regarding compression, the special features are limited. James Cameron announced that the reason for releasing the movie-only version was for home viewers to enjoy AVATAR at its best quality. Fans can enjoy this great original version of the film, while looking forward to the 3D re-release of the movie in theaters this summer and the second AVATAR DVD release in November, which is rumored to have lots of extra film footage. A 3D DVD release of AVATAR is supposedly in the works as well. For now, make the most of the first DVD by enjoying all those easy-to-overlook extra special features.

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What are your favorite extras on the AVATAR DVD?



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