What Is The Best Sound System for Watching AVATAR 3D?

Bond What's the best sound system you can use for the ultimate AVATAR 3D movie experience? During a 3D movie, the sound is also a big part of the overall experience. In a movie theater and in a home theater, a surround sound is exceptionally important to keep the illusion of depth constant. There are a number of 3D technologies available now, and this article contrasts the quality of each 3D sound system.

Guest post by Karishma Sundaram

AVATAR 3D is a distinctly larger-than-life movie, where the audio plays an important role in the viewing experience. Learn more about the sound system used when viewing the movie AVATAR in 3D in different venues.


The sound system in IMAX theatres is closely linked to the video system. In fact, since IMAX theatres are built differently from traditional movie theatres, the projector and the audio system have to be very closely linked.

The synchronicity of the audio and video is maintained by an interlock circuit, which is installed between the projector and the sound reproducer, located in the projection room. The circuit then ensures there is frame-by-frame synchronization between the two devices. The sound is then sent to amplifiers, after which it resounds in the movie hall.

The IMAX movie experience is excellent mainly because of two reasons: the large screen and the flawless sound quality. Sound quality is very important for a movie like AVATAR, since the multiple levels and subtle sounds make up the entire experience of a 3D movie.

RealD 3D

RealD has come about as one of the first digital formats for 3D technology. The company has signed an exclusive deal with Sony for their cinematic projectors. The theatre screen sizes are normal, certainly a step down from IMAX ones. The sound is also digital, but it lacks the tight synchronicity that makes the IMAX experience so great.

The RealD sound system is not as powerful as one hopes, considered most of their theatres are equipped with either THX or JBL speakers, or some combination of the two.

The theatre experience leaves a little to be desired in the sound department, however in a home theatre environment, the RealD format will prove to be excellent. In addition to the first-rate sound, another bonus is that the glasses used in RealD theatres are certainly more comfortable than the IMAX counterparts.

Dolby Digital 3D

Dolby has long been a forerunner in sound systems, and is the universal standard in theatres.

The company as recently launched a digital 3D format, positioned to be a competitor to the RealD 3D technology. Again the format used is completely digital, and therefore the equipment is easier and less expensive to set up.

Because Dolby has such a track record with sound systems, it has all the synchronicity that the RealD system lacks. The theatre screens are standard in size, unlike IMAX; however the experience is considered to be less taxing on the brain, especially in the case of longer movies.

Home Theater Sound Systems

There are number of great options for home theater sound systems, however the best option depends entirely on you, your budget, and the environment - where the sound system will be. Good sound quality is achieved when the speakers are matched up properly, and this can be quite an expensive proposition.

For example, Aperion sound systems, with side speakers, tower speakers and a packaged subwoofer will set back an individual anywhere from $1500 to $2000. Whereas a home theater system from Onkyo is almost a third of the price, but it has smaller speakers.

When setting up a home theater sound system, it is important to consider the size of the room and the acoustics. Finding a system that fits the budget and these factors is then the next step.

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What's your favorite sound system for watching AVATAR?


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I absolutely agree that sound plays a big part of the overall 3D experience. You need to be able to hear the sound effects and soundtrack just as how the movie creators intended it to be: larger-than-life!

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