Top Sites to Buy AVATAR Na’vi Costumes

Fern If you are considering whether to buy an AVATAR Na’vi costume, check this list of sites where you can find the most complete choices. Take a sneak peek at the costumes for the AVATAR Na’vi - licensed costumes due out in September 2010. You can also consider whether you want to buy original designs by artists and fans, sold on eBay. We also look at sites that have the accessories and details to make your costumes complete.

Guest post by Rebecca Scudder

AVATAR Na'vi costumes are predicted to be among the most popular costumes this Halloween, according to almost every costume site online. 20th Century Fox has officially licensed costumes, but currently very few pictures are available. Costume stores are advising people to preorder to get a costume in time, and say the costumes may not be available until late September. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to live without your AVATAR costume this year, though. There are several good places where you can find AVATAR Na’vi costumes.

One of the best places to buy a variety of AVATAR costume items is eBay, since they have commercial storefronts like Costumes2U. On this site you can find great fan-made original AVATAR costume items.   Licensed AVATAR costumes are also sold on this site. Judging from the licensed costume images, they are basically body suits. This means you should plan on finding separate masks, makeup and wigs.

REEL MAGIK FX on eBay offers detailed parts for an AVATAR Na’vi face. This site has foam latex Na’vi masks, Na’vi ears, and the special makeup needed for foam latex for sale. They come unpainted. This looks like an original design, so there will not be many Na’vi AVATARs with the exact same costume. will sell licensed costumes when they are in stock, but they currently have no costume images available. They are taking emails for notification when the costumes are ready. They also carry makeup and such items as elf ears that you could paint blue. will sell licensed costumes once available. In the meantime, they have a great element that would work for Na’vi hair - the Corpse Bride wig. has a listing for AVATAR in their licensed themes, and no pictures. They do have some neat wigs that could be incorporated into your costume. Their long brown hippie wig with braids and beads, and their Rasta wig with a strong resemblance to Na’vi hair. also carries licensed AVATAR Na’vi costumes to buy- and they actually have a picture that shows people wearing the costumes. It is emphasized on the site that fans should buy their AVATAR costumes as soon as possible, because they are anticipating high demand.

The site that seemed largest was, where they had a variety of items which could be used as part of a Na’vi costume. Unlike any other site I found, carries a set of realistic blue hands, for Dr. Manhattan. One detail missing from the AVATAR costumes that have been pictured is a lack of the tails found on every Na’vi. carries an inexpensive tail for the SophistiCats which could be covered with blue fabric.

Once licensed costumes are released to stores, the same costume will be available on most sites. There are slight price differences at different stores, so when you go to buy your costume, comparison shopping may save you some money. If you want to buy something different from the Na’vi AVATAR costume licensed by 20th Century Fox, you will need to search a little harder. Since original designs by artists are already turning up on eBay, I expect you will have a good chance of finding an original costume.

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Jake, Neytiri, Mo'at… Which AVATAR costume would you consider?


Rebecca Scudder

An update: Many costumes sites are now expecting their first licensed Avatar costumes to arrive in July 2010. More pictures are now available, and some costumes do have tails. @-@


I think I know what I want to be this Halloween :D

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