Top 5 AVATAR Movie Scenes: AVATAR Fan Favorites

Avatarawakes The movie AVATAR has become the top-grossing movie of all time, and for good reason. The film is jam-packed with visually stunning and emotionally rich scenes which leave viewers glued to the screen. These top 5 AVATAR movie scenes topped almost every fan’s list. Find out more about each scene and its significance in the movie’s gripping story. Though there are plenty more contenders for the top slots, these are five of the most memorable AVATAR movie scenes.

Guest post by Ashley Hansen

The movie AVATAR has become the top-grossing movie of all time, and for good reason. The film is jam-packed with visually stunning and emotionally rich scenes which leave viewers glued to the screen. Though there are plenty more contenders for the top slots, these are five of the most memorable AVATAR movie scenes.

1. Jake’s First AVATAR Experience

It’s difficult for most of us to imagine what kind of exuberance Jake felt when having his first experience with his AVATAR body. Because he was a paraplegic, his longing to run and be free of his wheelchair is obvious as he jumps up from the laboratory and bursts outside to fully experience his freedom. As an audience, we are further exposed to Jake’s rule-breaking mentality. Even as the lab assistants warn him to stay put, he stills runs off to figure out his new body on his own. Jake continues to display this rebellious and curious nature throughout the film.

2. Meeting Neytiri

An action-packed scene leads up to the tense first meeting between Jake and Neytiri, which is considered one of the most memorable AVATAR movie scenes. Not only is the first close look at one of the Na’Vi, it’s also a great indicator of the tension between the Na’Vi race and the humans. Jake is still naïve to the impact that the humans have had on Na’Vi life, but Neytiri begins to expose the reality to him through this first encounter. Because he cannot go back to the lab at this point, he is forced to spend plenty of one-on-one time with Neytiri, causing his intrigue about the native people to rise significantly.

3. First Flight

During this AVATAR movie scene, the audience might recall one of Jake’s first lines in the movie where he talks about his dreams of flying that he experienced after he first became paraplegic. Finally, Jake lives out this dream by connecting with one of the mountain banshees as part of his initiation into the Na’Vi. As he hops on the back of the banshees, the audience waits with bated breath to see if he’ll succeed. Not only is this scene visually stunning, but the viewers get to experience to joy of watching Jake fly over Pandora on this odd yet beautiful creature.

4. Grace’s Body

As the struggle between the Na’Vi and the humans heats up, Grace’s AVATAR body is injured. During this emotional AVATAR movie scene, the Na’vi tribe gathers to attempt to save Grace and permanently transfer her consciousness to her AVATAR body. This scene offers a closer look at the Na’Vi’s close relationship with Eywa, who ultimately chooses to keep Grace with her rather than allow her to stay alive.

5. The Battle with Quaritch

Just about anyone who has seen the film will tell you that the battle between Jake and Colonel Quaritch is one of the best AVATAR movie scenes. This is the climax of the film, and we get to see the Colonel duke it out with Jake with the use of a huge, metal-clad suit which he controls from inside. Quaritch asks Jake how it feels to have betrayed his own race, which brings up one of the main controversies in the film. The intense fight scene has everyone on the edge of their seat, especially as Quaritch nearly kills the human Jake.

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What's your favorite scene in AVATAR?


Friend of Mo'at

Interesting. There is overlap with your 5 and my 5. Shared:
1) meeting Neytiri. I haven't so much a reason as a feeling for this. This side of Neytiri doesn't come out anywhere else in the movie. And the wonder of it all is strongest here.
2) First flight. Although listed 2nd, this is my very favorite part of the movie. I have my own little fantasies of flying and this plays right into that. Also, Neytiri's incredible grace is so pronounced here. It's poetry of motion.

My other favorites:
3) Mo'at's first scene. LOVE her! Dragon lady. Wish there was more of her.
4) Tsu'tey's death scene. He got the short end of life's stick but he was a great warrior. Were it not for earthling intervention he would have taken a great place in the Na'vi pantheon. His gorgeous fierceness really showed through in his final fight scene.
5) the sequence of Neytiri training Jake. It's the thickest taste of Na'vi life in the movie. This isn't really fair because it's not a single scene - but it's the part that where absolutely can't multi task while watching. I hate war - the war scenes are to be suffered through. The life of the na'vi - that's why I'm there.

Steven58 (Chok'ete)

The final scene between Jake (human) and Neytiri after the battle against Quaritch is my personal favorite scene in the film =).


My favorite scene is when Eywa transfers Jake's consciousness into his avatar at the end of the movie. There is a moment after Jake dies when Neytiri leans over and kisses the human Jake's cheeks. An atokirina is floating between the their chests, brightly illuminating with its light. The moment moves me because it feels like the heart light is a symbol of the love they share. Beautiful moment.


The final "I see you" scene with human Jake is the most touching in the movie, i absolutely love it.

Other favorites include meeting Neytiri for sure, as well as the first illumination of the forest. "don't thank, you don't thank for this," i can't get enough of this side of her. her accent is also thickest here and it all is so completely fascinating.

Jake and Neytiri mate under the tree of voices. What more can i say? Its beautiful and romantic. "she already has." Neytiri is at her most vulnerable here, another side of her i enjoy seeing.

Jakes speech. NEVER have i been so pumped up by a movie speech before.

All in all though i must agree that the my overall favorite scene, and no doubt the very best, is Jakes first flight. Perhaps the best sequence ever created, definitely the most beautiful.


defiantly the fight scene with jake nytiri and quarich i love that scene


My favorite is definatily at the end when Jake passes through the eye of Eywa. Just knowing that Jake is perminatily part of the people and Netyri is rewarding. I also loved Jake and Netyiri's first encounter. Especially when Jake got a first glimpse of the beauty of Pandora at night. That was awesome. The sequence of training jake was also great. The entering of Jake riding Toruk was great too. But one of the funniest is Jake and Netyri's love scence when Netyri mentions the good hunter and jake was like, "yeah she is a good hunter," and Netyri whips her head around in jealousy. That made me laugh a little

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