Top 3D Accessories for the Perfect Home Theater Experience

Amnio_tank_1 Televisions and AVATAR have only marked the beginning for 3D home technology. As the news is flooded with launches of high-end 3D-enabled televisions, top electronics manufacturers are also releasing a number of stylish 3D cameras, webcams, game consoles and other accessories to take advantage of the 3D viewing experience.

Guest post by Karishma Sundaram

As new 3D-enabled products descend into the mainstream market, there are many 3D television accessories that have followed in their wake. Most 3D accessories are restricted to viewing 3D video on television, although there are a few others, which are inspired by the new technology.

3D Glasses

3D glasses are actually a necessity for a 3D home theater setup – without them it's impossible to view the images correctly. But 3D glasses come in lots of shapes, sizes and designs.

3D glasses designed for home use are usually intended for alternate frame sequencing, which means they have a sensor to pick up on instructions emitted from the 3D system. These glasses are known as LCD shutter glasses, and a significant visual improvement on the anaglyph glasses. These typically resemble large sunglasses. There are various versions available in the market, targeted at different demographics. Several vendors have rechargeable models for 3D glasses, while others have created separate designs for kids, taking cues from trendy-looking youth wear. The adult versions are more subtly designed, in mainly greys and blacks. nVidia GeForce has also released a number of models for 3D glasses, although those are geared toward gaming rather than television.

Sony’s PlayStation 3: The 3D Version

People of all ages find the Sony PlayStation the ultimate gaming experience, especially since the new console debuted recently. The graphics are all in high definition, and the console also carries support for Blu-Ray discs.

Sony also recently announced that the new wave of the PlayStation 3 game consoles will offer 3D support as well. The implications of this announcement are great, because not only will 3D gaming become a possibility indoors, but people who have the gaming console can use the same device to screen 3D movies. This means you don't need to invest in a 3D-enabled Blu-Ray player to see movies in 3D.

3D Cameras

Since the 3D bug has become a new trend, it hasn’t taken long for people to start taking their own 3D images.

Fujifilm has launched a 10-megapixel digital camera that can take 3D photographs. The camera has two lenses and two light sensors, on either side of the back. Both camera take the image simultaneously, and stored a combined file in a 3D image format. It is unclear whether the camera will add video, however that possibility does not seem far away.

You can then display these 3D photographs in a sleek Fuji digital photo frame, where no glasses are required to see them. It's a new technology that's not for everyone but it's promising.

3D Webcams

Since 3D cameras have made their debut, it is hardly surprising that 3D webcams have quickly followed suit. These unusual devices sit atop desktops and laptops much like their 2D counterparts, however the resemblance ends there. The 3D versions have two lenses spaced a short distance away from each other.

The webcams usually use the anaglyph 3D technology, which means the viewer on the other side needs special glasses to view the images correctly. 3D webcams are even newer than 3D cameras and prices are still out of reach for most of us, but the possibilities are exciting.

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3D cameras, 3D game consoles, 3D video camcorders... what 3D accessory would you most like to have?



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