Buying the AVATAR DVD and a New TV? Read These Tips for Choosing The Right Size TV for Your Room

Avatar43 What size TV should you be considering for the best AVATAR experience? In this special article related to the newly released AVATAR DVD, we review what you should be looking for in terms of buying a new TV to see AVATAR like never before. We show you a useful calculator for selecting TV size and talk you through what sort of TV technology you should consider.

Guest post by Ty Wingfoot

Selecting the right TV can be a challenge, and that’s before we consider that you’re looking for the TV that’s going to kick your AVATAR viewing party up to an 11. Don’t panic, we’re going to cover exactly what you need to be looking for in terms of TV size, how it relates to your room, and the sort of technology that you should be looking for.

Selecting the Right Size

A TV’s size used to be a much bigger deal when others knew how much a certain size of TV would cost – this would then become a war of escalation between you and your neighbors to figure out who could afford to give their family the absolute best. Today, however, with discounts and deals on televisions flying around in larger amounts than ever before, it’s not necessarily the case that a 46” TV will cost less than a 55” TV. That being said, how do you actually go about picking TV size?

First, you go to this website.

The viewing distance calculator requires that you enter in some room dimensions, viewing distance, etc. Once you’ve entered the relevant data, just hit “calculate” at the center of the page and you’re good to go. The calculator will give you (instantly) the maximum and optimum size for a TV at the viewing distance and angle you gave it. This number is by no means the size of TV that you should buy, but consider it a guide to see just how large your TV will have to be in order to make your home theater really shine.

Room and TV Location

As important as the screen’s size is the room that you’re going to put it in. For example, if you have a room that has a lot of furniture, unless you have a heart-attack-expensive BOSE system, your sound system will get muffled and the viewing distance will likely have to be closer to try to compensate.

Consider putting the TV in a family room or a closed off room that will function as a media room. Try to avoid large, ornate pieces of furniture to avoid any sound and interference problems and ensure that the TV is placed at an angle where every guest you invite over to see AVATAR (or anything else for that matter) can get a good look at the TV. Move things around – don’t be afraid to experiment with your set-up, this is when great ideas can come up.

TV Tech

For AVATAR in particular, the most important part of selecting a TV is the technology inside. For instance, if you’re going to want to try to recreate the 3D experience you had at the movie theater, you’ll want a 3D-Ready TV, one that works at a higher than normal frequency (Hz). Also, new LED TVs waste less energy while still looking fantastic, so it’s all up to you to head out to your local electronics mega-store and take a look at TVs they have on display.

And remember – no matter what, don’t just walk into a store and buy a TV, always comparison shop!

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