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            What’s your favorite scene in AVATAR – the one you love to see again and again?



If there was a "replay" button, i'd be hitting it most on Jake's big speech. It's not the most beautiful nor breathtaking scene yet it stirs up the most emotion in me. From the moment he stands up, regaining his composure and taking Neytiri's hand in his, as if to say, "i can't do this without you." Then once she's at his side and he has both the support of Neytiri and Tsu'tey, he gives one of the most inspirational and adrenaline pumping speeches i've ever heard. When it's over i'm right there with him, ready to stand up and cheer. (would of done this in the theater but it probably wouldn't of gone over well)


That's a hard one. There are many I like and all for different reasons. I think I'm going to have to pick the scene where Neytiri suddenly learns that Eywa has sent all of the animals to help the Na'vi. When those hammerheads go crashing by on either side of the tree she's behind, I wanted to jump out of my seat and run around, yelling and pumping my fists in the air. All of the ikran and the viperwolves and all the other creatures coming together to help save their world was absolutely awesome. I also love it when the thanator bows down to Neytiri and allows her ride him.


My favourite scene is still when Neytiri saves Jake in the wrecked shack. When he opens his eyes, after she put the mask on his face, looks at her and says "I see you" and she replies "I see you" that's the most powerful scene in the whole film for me. I feel Neytiri's relief that Jake is still alive and it doesn't matter for her how he is in his own body. And I think that Jake is also relieved because now she has really seen him and obviously it doesn't change her love for him. In the whole film the meaning of "I see you" is never so clear for me like in this scene.


it is a difficult question to answer. i love every second in Avatar. to narrow it down to one scene is nearly impossible. the best scene in avatar would when Jake first rides the Ikran and flies with Neytiri. this scene accomplished one of the movies most challenging parts. in most scenes all of the creatures could have their counter parts on Earth do the motion capture-the direhorses replaced by horses, viperwolves replaced by dogs, ect. the Ikran presented a new problem do to the fact it did not have a counter part on Earth for the actors to ride. also this scene brings the beginning of the movie back into the story and lets the watcher truely understand Jake. this scene makes me hit the replay button over and over.


Each and every scene has their own highlights. However, there was one that really caught my interest. My favorite scene was the scene were Jake and Neyteri were flying the Ikran across the skies of Pandora for the first time. Nature is beauty in its purest form, and this movie certainly caught this beauty of Pandora especially in this scene . You got to see vast mountains, the seas, and all the trees from afar, what more could be asked for? Also, this was the point were Jake realized that human life does not compare to the life of the Navi, due to the corruptness of humanity, so It was really a critical point for story development. Shoot, If were to experience that one moment, similar to to this scene, I would be first to sign up to be become a Navi as well. Who needs money, when you can enjoy the bare fruits of nature.


It is really hard to narrow down one scene that I like to watch over and over again because I enjoy watching the whole movie over and over again. Every single scene builds on top of each other like layers on how to make fire. You need fuel, oxygen, and a heat source to make your fire. But without one, then it fails to work. It also builds up your anticipation no matter how many times you have seen it and you never get tired of it. If you were to watch your favorite scene as to fast-forward to that scene and watch it from there, it won't be the same if you were to watch the movie from the beginning and then getting to that preferred scene. It would be something like going to a birthday party an hour late and you've just missed singing the birthday song, the cake, and probably a few friends that had to leave early. You want to be there for the whole adventure. That is what I feel about AVATAR. No one clip can do it justice. So if I were to answer the question, what's your favorite scene in AVATAR - the one you love to see again and again? I would have to answer, "Every single scene because each one is a work of art."

Oswin v.d. B.

My god! Finally a chanse deserve a blu-ray player that I can't afford! Let let we just give it a try, shall we? :)
What’s your favorite scene in AVATAR – the one you love to see again and again?
That is an amazingly tough question you got there, I mean all scenes are making the movie to a perfect story! Well let me choose one of the special moments, the moments of love wich I really like to hear about and that just always gives me butterflies in my stomach... hihi! :) I got one. The scene: Neytiri runs with Jake Sully over the huge root and then comming at the end at the spirit tree somewhere in the forest neir their home tree. As I look at the tree, a beautiful glow comes out of it. Jake Sully approaches Neytiri and Lizards all flying around whyle Neytiri laughs. Then, Jake Sully gets dragged by Neytiri farther between the trees of souls. While Neytiri explains what this is all about, she pulls up her arms to feel the long glowing lianes hanging almost to the ground while you hear sparkles as a symbole of peace. Jake Sully follows and he does the same thing, he actually takes whole bushes of lianes with his huge arms bigger then Neytiri's. Then Jake stands behind Neytiri and he watches her while she makes a bond with Eywa. He does not know what she is feeling till he also grasps a liane and connects with his long hairtail. The points that gets connected glows up and Jake's eyes are like opening as a shock on what Jake was going to hear. Yes, he heard the living in Eywa wich who no longer live on Pandora. Then he turns around to Neytiri while she turns away from him with a liane still in her four fingered hands. She says as most important that he may also choose a women and then she numbers some women he might be able to choose. But... Jake Sully does not choose any of them, he says: I've already chosen the women but she must choose him too. Neytiri answeres that the women already has chosen too. Then they kiss and they put their tails around eachother till they bond together...
This is one of the most special scenes I have seen in the movie. I wish I could describe some more but then I think that would be unfair and that would not count during the competition. Thanks for reading this and sorry for my grammar because I'm Dutch. /\_/\


The scene that i love to see over and over when Jake returns to the clan with toruk, and greets Neytiri, the look on his face is cautious, he is not sure if she will take him back, but when she responds to him by saying i see you, i knew right away that her anger for him was short lived, she needed his help and he needed hers.


Like everyone else has said, every part of the movie is my favorite but the one scene that always brings to tears to my eyes is when Jake has returned to his human body after his first time being in his Avatar form and looks down at his useless legs. You can see the pain and the let down on his face of what being handicapped is for him. And you know that having to return to his real form is not going to be easy for him as time goes on.


when jake learns the na'vi language sitting on the tree :)


My all time favorite is when Neytiri takes Jake to tree of voices, her smile, feeling was breathtaking.
And beauty of that is now very deep in my memory.


easy, the scene near the end where Neytiri sees Jakes human self for the first time after the fight with Quaritch and their eyes meet human to Na'vi Jake says calmly "I see you" Neytiri with a grown smile after that and a tear roles down her cheek, she answers back "I see you" makes me cry everytime, love it, cant rewind it though have to watch whole movie through, and multiply times a day :)

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