Great AVATAR Halloween Costumes For Adults

Jake ready for battle Commercial costumes for AVATAR Na’vi characters are not due until September 2010. You may not like them, or they may not fit well, or you may not want to wait until then. Learn how to make your own hand-crafted AVATAR Halloween costume for Neytiri, Dr. Grace Alexander, Jake Sully in Earth clothing, or Jake in native (un)dress.

Guest post by Rebecca Scudder

Licensed costumes from AVATAR are coming, but online costume sites do not expect them until September 2010. Whether you want to get a jumpstart on Halloween, or you’ve been invited to attend a costume party or AVATAR DVD release party, here are some ideas for making your own AVATAR costume.

We’ll show you how to make basic Na'vi costumes for both Neytiri and Jake Sully. You can also adjust these costumes to be Dr. Grace Alexander, Jake after he goes native, or other Na'vi characters.


We’ll start with the wig. AVATAR costumes need a long, black wig you can make resemble a Na’vi hair style. Jake keeps his hair in one long braid going down the middle of his back, swept back from his forehead rather than parted. Neytiri has a number of shorter, beaded braids as well as the long braid in back. Sometimes she has feathers in her hair as well. To recreate Neytriri’s beaded look, get multicolored pony beads from a craft store, string them on the end of a 16” piece of twine, and sew them into Neytiri’s wig.

For ears, make two 4 inch equilateral triangles from medium blue felt, and pleat the bottom for a cat ear shape. Sew this down and stitch them to the wig where a cat would have ears. Or you can buy elf ears and paint them blue.


Early Jake needs khaki pants, a slightly large khaki shirt, and a dark, plain tee shirt. He has work boots on his feet.

Na’vi natives usually wear a wrap or apron that lets their txìm (rear end) show. Males and females wear green or brown. Some Na’vi males wear a suede or light leather covering like a short bathing suit. Native Jake could wear a snug brown bathing suit or brown boxer briefs with a loin wrap or apron over it if you don’t want just a wrap over leggings. Na’vi go barefoot, but simple sandals are good for human feet.

Instead of covering your body in blue paint, you can wear medium blue leggings with the dark blue Na’vi zebra stripes drawn with a deep blue fabric marker. Try to find socks of the same color. Each Na’vi will also need a turtleneck of medium blue. Make stripes with your fabric marker.


Neytiri wears several necklaces and many bead bracelets. Use any extra pony beads, unstrung wooden beads and some bead elastic if you want to make your jewelry. Otherwise, you can find primitive jewelry in the dollar store. Jake also wears a beaded bracelet or two as well as a braided leather strap worn diagonally across his torso and looped around a shoulder, and a leather choker around his neck.

Both Neytri and Native Jake wear a bracer to protect their forearms when using a bow. Cut the bracer from card stock. Paint it, glue construction paper over it, or cover it with brown duck tape. Tape twine ties in three places inside with strapping tape.

The Tail

Na’vi tails are 24” to 36” long. Measure a length of wire doubled over several times and roll blue felt around it an inch thick. Sew it closed. The end is darker blue, and the tail has stripes. Six inches of the tail should be sewn to your garment as a solid base to bend and not hang limply. It comes out at the level of your tailbone.

Put blue Halloween makeup on face and hands. Add darker stripes. Dot white freckles on your face with a makeup crayon.

You're now ready to wear your hand-crafted Na’vi AVATAR Halloween costume with pride!

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Have you thought about making your own Na'vi costume or buying one?



Haha. This is all very interesting. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few Na'vi costumes this Halloween. I'm not really sure if I am going to be dressed as a Na'vi this Halloween though. I will use this guide to help me out though if I do decide to go Na'vi :D

Account Deleted

Wow! It amazed me to see and read this article about how to dressed as an avatar or a Na'vi on Halloween. I was looking for a halloween costumes since halloween is getting near already. And i guess this is a good suggestion for me. Thanks to your tips!

Halloween Costumes

What an excellent movie. I love Halloween Costumes and have thought about being Jake Sully as a Navi. I am not in that good of shape though. Thanks for the ideas.

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