Hosting an AVATAR Party? Tips for Creating Your Own AVATAR-Themed Party Decorations!

Amnio_tank_1 Learn how to create your own personalized AVATAR party decorations by following these step-by-step directions. Have fun hosting an AVATAR movie party for all your friends and wow them with these one-of-a-kind decorations. Directions for making an AVATAR pinata and creating a Pandora planet atmosphere are included.

Guest post by Donna Cosmato

Writer and director James Cameron’s Oscar-winning film AVATAR the Movie was released on DVD in April 2010. Here is a guide to creating AVATAR party decorations that will have friends calling you “the AVATAR host” of the year. From creating a Pandora rain-forest effect to decorating tables and cakes, these party decorations and tips are perfect for creating a movie party ‘hit’.

Re-creating Pandora in Homes

The key to creating the look and feel of this fictional planet is a focus on the same elements used in the movie. Stark contrasts of black, cobalt or royal blue, and silver combined with lush plant life work best. Decorate with hanging baskets and planters of green foliage and use either living or artificial plants. Put some plants on pedestals and others on the floor – the idea is to stagger the heights to create the illusion of a rain forest. Borrow some plants from friends and family if necessary, but do not be afraid of overdoing the greenery. Dust off the tabletop water fountains and use a sound machine or sound effects music as background, but keep it subtle.

Drape blue and black crepe paper streamers around the room and tables, and use lots of silvery Mylar balloons for an alien planet effect. Keep lighting low or use low-wattage bulbs or tea lights. The atmosphere should be somewhat eerie and extraterrestrial.

Make an AVATAR Piñata

This inexpensive but impressive piñata can be completed in less than an hour and requires just a few supplies. To find a printable AVATAR image, simply type the words “free AVATAR the movie pics” into any search engine, and choose an image.

Supplies list:

· Paper grocery bag

· AVATAR image or picture

· Newspaper

· Black and blue tissue paper

· Stapler

· Rubber cement

· Small candies or toys

· String or cord

Here are easy step-by-step directions:

1. Open the bag and place the candies or toys inside.

2. Staple the bag, and then decorate it with the tissue paper.

3. Glue the picture to the front of the bag, and then affix cord to the top as a hanger.

Here are some other suggestions for inexpensive AVATAR-themed party decorations:

· Cover a table with a black table cloth, and then add a cobalt blue table runner. Sprinkle silver confetti on the runner and add blue and black individual wrapped candies. Set a black bowl full of deep blue and silver balls in the center. (Hint: raid the Christmas tree decorations.)

· Serve blue gelatin desserts, blue-tinged drinks, and chocolate cake decorated with AVATAR edible cake images.

· Make AVATAR posters with poster board. Draw images of AVATAR characters like Corporal Jake Sully or Neytiri, or use free images from the Internet.

· Buy cheap paper products in black, blue, and silver and use them as table decorations.

Following some or all of these great tips for AVATAR-theme party decorations is one key element of hosting a movie night party – buying a copy of the movie is the other. Dress in native garb and encourage friends to dress in Na’vi costume and the decorations are complete.

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