How to Get the Na'vi Look with AVATAR Movie Jewelry

  Beautiful blue AVATAR jewelry is made from natural materials, a palette of the colors seen on Pandora. The jewelry ranges from very simple to highly crafted ritual pieces. There are many different types of AVATAR movie jewelry, but here we will learn how to make Neytiri’s bracelets.

Guest post by Rebecca Scudder

No AVATAR Cosplay or Halloween costume would be complete without some genuine AVATAR movie jewelry, and many manufactured costumes that you may buy will be missing this very important detail. So, to help you get that authentic appearance you’re looking for, this article will teach you how to make a couple different kinds of bracelets Neytiri wears.

To start, your AVATAR movie jewelry should look like it might have been worn by a Na'vi, using natural looking materials. The Na'vi use wooden beads and carvings, clay or glass beads, seed pods and feathers. The jewelry is strung on rustic looking cord or leather lace. The bracelets we are making here, however, are strung on bead elastic, because the elastic won’t show. Bead elastic is slightly stiff, and so it is easy to thread through fairly small beads.

Neytiri bracelet To recreate the bracelets Neytiri wore on her left wrist, start by gathering the below listed materials:

a. Bead elastic. This is clear. Buy the slightly thicker elastic if there is a choice;

b. Size E or larger seed beads. Beads up to a 1/8th inch are great. (2mm to 4mm) Use earth tone

colors, and try to get two or more sizes.

c. Scissors and a paper clip;

d. Super glue, jewelry adhesive or strong craft adhesive - not white glue.

Start with your earth tone beads. Beads that slightly differ in size are good. This creates the natural look you are going for. Pour at least three different earth tones into a small bowl or saucer and mix them together.

Cut a 10 inch (25 cm) length of bead elastic. Tie one end to the paperclip, so your beads do not slide off the end as fast as you put them on.  Start sliding beads onto the elastic.  Use a totally random mix of colors and sizes, but no larger than 1/8 inch.  String 7 1/2 inches to 8 inches of beads for a woman's bracelet, or 8 1/2 to 9 inches of beads for bracelets for a man's wrist. 

As you string the beads, indentify one with a wider than usual hole. Place this on your bracelet as the last bead. Untie the elastic from the paper clip, making sure you do not lose any beads. Tie the elastic together, snugging the knot close to the beads so the cord will not show between the beads. Use a square knot, and pull the knot tight. Put a drop of your adhesive on the knot. When the adhesive is set according to the directions, clip the ends of the elastic as close to the knot as you can. Wiggle the bead with the larger hole over the knot.

Now you have a circle of beads without cord showing. It will stretch as needed to go over your hand, and then return to the circle of beads on your wrist. Create at least twelve of these since Neytiri wears about a dozen of these on her left forearm. Do not try to repeat patterns or colors- each is hand strung and unique. They will blend with each other because they contain similar beads and colors

How to Make Some Larger Bracelets

Neytiri wears four larger beaded bracelets on her upper left arm. These seem to have a repeating pattern. There is a rusty red, pale green, turquoise blue and a medium green bracelet, from the highest to lowest. They are pushed together on her upper arm above her biceps. You can use the same colors or other natural colors that fit the AVATAR palette.

The beading pattern seems to be the same for each of them - a slightly larger bead of a lighter or darker color, then two inches of beads that are smaller and roughly the same color and size, another single larger bead, two inches of smaller beads and so on.


a. 1 mm bead elastic;

b. About 12 to 17 inches each of 1/8 inch or 3/16 inch beads in rusty red, pale green, turquoise

and medium green;

c. 6 to 9 beads each of a slightly larger size, in pink, a medium green, darker blue and a pale green


d. Scissors and a paper clip;

e. Craft adhesive;

f. Measuring tape.

Measure your upper arm, just above the bicep. This could go from 11” to 20” or larger. Remember these bracelets need to be snug to stay in position. Divide by two. This is how many larger beads you will need. Line those beads up and subtract their length from your measurement. Take the remainder in inches or centimeters and divide this by the large beads. This should be approximately two inches (25 cm) or a little less. String this length of small beads between each large bead.

Tie elastic three inches larger than your measurement to the paperclip, and string a larger bead. String smaller beads and add another large bead. Repeat until you have used the total of small beads. Tie the ends loosely. Try the bracelet on your upper arm for fit. Add or subtract small beads if necessary. Once you are sure of the fit, knot tightly. After the knot is made, glued and the ends snipped off, you will slide it beneath the larger bead at the start of the bracelet. For a more authentic look, be sure not to line up the patterns of each bracelet as you place them on your bicep.

Finally, you can enjoy your handmade jewelry – a great piece for your AVATAR costume or as part of your everyday jewelry collection!

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I actually have some of these materials at home. This will actually be doable for me! Thanks for these these steps!

Rebecca Scudder

Hi Spirit. If you make some bracelets, post a picture so we can see them.

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