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Pandora, the Na'vi, the science, the language... What do you think is most impressive about the world that James Cameron has created in AVATAR?


Account Deleted

Pandora, the Na'vi, the science, the language... What do you think is most impressive about the world that James Cameron has created in AVATAR?

Perhaps it is commonplace for creative sorts, like James Cameron, to 'wake up' with thoughts of new worlds. The thought expanded to a story which, because of lacking technology, was tossed onto a pile which, if labeled, would be called THINGS TO DO IN 10 YEARS (or so).
The world (Pandora), the people (Na'vi), the science (not new but beautifully depicted as fact).....I am most impressed with James Cameron. Without him, NONE OF THESE THINGS, nor the movie, itself, EXIST.

Oswin v.d. B.

First, I got a question. Who was the winner of last week?
Now let me enter this second round! We'll start with the question like Gail did.
Pandora, the Na'vi, the science, the language... What do you think is most impressive about the world that James Cameron has created in AVATAR? Ofcourse, ames Cameron should be in the li the question listed up but because everybody already knows that James Cameron is the most impressive that created all impressive things about Avatar. But let we take a look on what the most ipressive is made by James Cameron. There is just one thing that needs to be scratched away fromthat list and that is: THE LANGUAGE! The language was actually invented by the language professor Paul (Don't know his last name) Wich means that it could be any new language but is not created by James Cameron. The most impressive thing I thought he actually could make was the world of Pandora. The na'vi isn't really original because cat like humans were created before and James just made a new kind of cat like humans. He did was original in making their skin blue and that they are three to four times bigger then humans but it is not original thought out.
Pandora is for me the most impressive creation he actually made. To even start with the huge home trees where the na'vi sleep in. Just talking about home tree makes us talk about for hours! The hight is just incredible! The sacks where they sleep in growed as small breeches in root like nets, did you noticed that the patern on the sacks have a normal leaf shape on it? All these details, the structure, the different layers that supports the tree and than you have to think on how old that tree actually is! I know, things grows really big on that planet but home tree was actually massive on scale of the rest of the planet! The rest o the flora and fauna was geniusly copied and restyled that actually is aso seen on our planet earth. This way we could see the differents and compare it on how beautifully it actually is there instead of earth. If you couldn't see comparities that is also seen on earth then most of the people couldn't compare it with our world because everything is new that let's you think wether it's beautiful or not. Now, let we go to the six legged/armed creatures we see on Pandora. There, James Cameron also used the recognising technique to compare the beautiful creatures with ours. Really original is o how he used the bond of Eywa as an energy that lights up every living thing on the planet. The whole network Grace Augestine described that shows how many connections there actually is with Eywa and the balans of the creatures and the creatures itself. The night is so beautifull and also that you can see that Pandora actually is nothing more then a moon of a much bigger planet that lights up Pandora like an enormous moon! And then realizing of any new unknown flora and fauna you can see floating in the air because of the stone te skypeople wants to get. There, we get at the halleluya mountains wich is an obvious name for that mountain area as it floats lika a flying heaven itself. I do have to say that I saw floating worlds before in a game play MYST but it's still something magical to look at, come on! Floating rocks, that's something you're not seeing every day!!! Did I mentioned the water detailed creation they actually made( with they I mean the Avatar creation team on computeristic creation)! That is still a question on how they move every peace of wter in such reallife direction water should go! How it falls, how it flies away because the wind blows it up, how it follows the stream and falls 100 meters because of a waterfall and how it sparkles, and then the sunshine sparkles on the water is made. How many direction did they need to create to let te water look even real because water goes in every direction it wants to! And then last of all is how they combined real moving people and sytems with the bigger scaled world with the na'vi. It is so sensational! Yep that's why Pandora is the most impressive creation James ever made... /\_/\

Oswin v.d. B.

Can I also ask a question to the sponsor of the event? Who was last week's winner? Otherwise it is starting to look like a stupid fake contest wich contains no winner and all the sponsors is trying to win are costumers... I:I


Great question @ Oswin - the winners will be announced very soon. Stay tuned!


what i'm most impressed about is how Cameron took a simple story line, and well changed the world. it isn't often that a movie could provoke such support for the environment...during the three hours that Cameron gives us of a beautiful world rich in life and wonder...but he is giving us a lesson to be learned, we have forgotten what life really's not about the money, it's not what you wear, or's what you do, it's about family, and it's protecting what really matters. we have only one home, and we need to do what we can to save what is left.


I remember being little, watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and coming to the big reveal of the giant candy room where literally everything is edible, i was utterly amazed. I wanted to jump in my TV and taste everything they got to taste. That feeling of amazement was matched and then multiplied by 100 upon seeing Pandora for the 1st time. I wanted to jump in the theater screen and touch, feel, taste, and smell every plant, flower, tree, fruit, you name it. And being as it was in 3D, it almost felt doable. That is why Pandora is so impressive. It's unequaled. It combines the innovative beauty of imagination with the incredible natural wonder we have here on earth. The result is a crazy sensation. Almost dream like, yet grounded on earth. As you care more and more for Pandora, your compelled to care just as much about the little traces of it that we have here within our reach. A truly impressive achievement.


What is most impressive ? For me, it's the world of Pandora: language, science, ... make all parties, each of these elements contributes to a world of fantasy and magic, a world that is full of surprises and we never tires of watching.

The animals are particularly fascinating, they have three pairs of legs, which I did not notice until the second viewing the film, and every time I watch it again, I discover new details, new plants, all the incredible features of a world that reminds us of our good old earth at times, while at others we are fully immersed in a world of fantasy. And that's what makes it so attractive, we feel somewhere to be part of Navis who save their land, which, although somewhat different, certainly makes us think our own blue planet overexploited.

So yes, all things considered, what is the most captivating and seductive, this world is so close to ours, but so different at the same time.

boyardeebabe (I'm a dude)

I gotta say I'm very impressed by this world James Cameron created. Using his imagination and the power of technology, he was able to change our perception of life with Avatar. He was able to make us believe there really is a Pandora out there. He made us fall in love with the na'vi and he helped us understand the beauty of the world we live in by showing us how nature can be wonderful. Most movies are only made to entertain us but, Avatar touched our hearts and teached us how to see. I think that's amazing and it still impress me today.


As a science geek, I'm going to go for the science. It's not just what you see, but what you don't see. You can take every animal on Pandora and make an evolutionary tree that links all of them together and it will be completely plausable! The subtle details of each creature just blew my mind! Not only did Cameron create these animals, he had the geekiness to actually connect all of them together. For instance all of the animals have 3 sets of limbs, but the Na'vi do not. How could this have happened? For the answer look at the prolemuris. It looks as though it only has 2 sets of limbs, but if you look closely you can see where the upper limb splits in two. The proximal bones have fused together which would make the Na'vi and prolemuris distant cousins on an evolutionary tree. I believe that Cameron put this creature in the movie for the purpose of explaining to the viewers how the Na'vi could have only 1 set of arms. For a movie to have this kind of detail is incredible and unheard of. This is why the science impresses me the most; however, it has not made the biggest impression on me. That would have to go to his creating a movie that, literally, everyone has seen and being able to show us the truly beautiful and important aspects of our own world. He's also shown us that it's not too late for us and we can make a difference by making sure that we do not, as Jake says, 'kill our mother.' I don't know about you, but I'm going to do everything I possibly can to leave this world even greener than I found it.


Pandora, the Na'vi, the science, the language... What do you think is most impressive about the world that James Cameron has created in AVATAR?

Looking at these different elements listed above that Cameron placed in AVATAR, all of them are impressive. However, what it all boils down to is I truly believe that the concept of the Navi itself, solely puts all of the other elements into place. If the Navi, were to be replaced with a substitute, then all of the other elements would bear a different meaning. The language would change, there would no longer be the language of the Navi, but the language of another life being. Although the world of Pandora was designed beautifully, however it is still nature that is similar to the jungles and rain forests of earth. Science is never created, it is always there and people do not know the extent of what it can really do. As you notice the scientific elements of AVATAR, are all within the realm of what can be. It is the fact that the Pandora, the science, and language that feed off the Navi, whom interact with humans within the movie, is the reason why that I deem that the Navi, is the most impressive contribution to the movie. For without the Navi, AVATAR would not be AVATAR.

Christopher Ortiz

Pandora, the Na'vi, the science, the language... What do you think is most impressive about the world that James Cameron has created in AVATAR?

The most impressive thing about James Cameron's world is the connection to nature the Na'vi have to their world.

We can only dream of having that some connection to nature around us.


The most impressive aspect about the world in AVATAR that James Cameron and his team of artists have created is how it makes you feel you want to be there. It is a world full of wonder and amazement where there seems to be no corruption, but just prosperity and the peace loving alien race, the Na'vi. Pandora's wild diverse creatures, some of which you can fly, lush, gigantic bioluminescent plant life, awe-inspiring landscape formations, tsahaylu, everything about this world just seems to cope with each other so perfectly, something that we dream of having here on Earth. But even though we don't have those things, we learn to love what we have here, and what we have here on Earth is pretty amazing too. As the saying goes, "We always want what we can't have" because desiring what we want is what drives us, our imagination.

The Na'vi could represent our higher selves as Cameron stated in various interviews. It is hopefully a path in which we are going to. In times like these, I believe that people should be more environmentally conscious, to be able to "see" what's going on in their environment. After watching AVATAR for the first time, I have never been influenced so much by a movie before and how I wanted to be part of that world. It has opened my eyes to my world and made me more aware of what is going on.


Oel ngati kamei

i would have to say that the most impressive thing would be the language. it is hard to narrow it down to just one thing but the language itself tells the story. it offers a window into the culture of the Na'vi and how nature is a part of everything in their lives. it also sells the story Avatar would not be the same if only English was spoken.


The most impressive thing about the movie Avatar is the computer-generated graphics. I honestly have no idea how they were able to tie everything together so seamlessly, but this is a movie my family will watch repeatedly without ever becoming bored.


Pandora, the Na'vi, the science, the language... What do you think is most impressive about the world that James Cameron has created in AVATAR?

Pandora, by far, is the most impressive creation for the movie AVATAR.
One doesn't have to see the movie to realize the impact Pandora has had on many people. Everyday (on the typepad site) people wishfully speak of travelling to and living on Pandora.
Pandora emotes peacefuland harmonious living within the forests.
I, myself, eagerly await more revelations about Pandora. The horse clans of the Plains, Clans of the Eastern Sea.....there is so much more to learn about the fictional yet alluring world of Pandora

Friend of Mo'at

Pandora, the Na'vi, the science, the language... What do you think is most impressive about the world that James Cameron has created in AVATAR?

It's the line he walks between the cultures. How do you depict a neolithic culture in a non-condescending way? And then insert a modern man from the superstrait culture into the middle of it all and have him pretty much take everything over -out nativing the natives at their own games- without making the indigenous people look dumb? A nimble walk indeed.


It is difficult to pick one aspect of Avatar that stands out as being the most impressive. The overall film is inventive, original, and culturally significant. The parallels between the concept of Avatar and humanity, both today and in history, illustrate the innate desire to expand our knowledge and the greed that can overcome us.

The film showed a true love story while also showing the dualistic nature of good versus evil. It also showed our ability to overcome adversity by standing for what we believe in. While all people may be physically different, we all have the same hopes, dreams, fears and desires. It is not our differences that divide us, it is our inability to accept, recognize, and celebrate those differences.

Personally, I most enjoyed the scientific aspect of Avatar. The idea that Pandora is comparative to the human brain with a myriad of networks that are all interconnected is a very fascinating concept. We are all sources of energy. Energy can never be created nor destroyed, but only transferred from one source to another. While Avatar was a more literal representation of that fact, it demonstrated how each living entity has a spirit that is ultimately connected to every living thing around us.


Where is the list of winners posted?

A Twitter User

Pandora, the Na'vi, the science, the language... What do you think is most impressive about the world that James Cameron has created in AVATAR?

Having watched the movie twice, once in 3D at an Imax and the other on blu-ray at my daughters'home, I must say that I'm most impressed with the detail of this fantasy world/moon and also the emotional aspects of the movie.
I love the little floating whatever's that come and land on Jake and then explode away. I also love the sensitive tail fringes that interlock with the other creatures on Pandora for communication. The entire vision of this huge planet, a natural world where the life force of each living thing is connected, is wonderful. I loved the feeling I got when they were approaching the floating mountains in the helicopters, the panorama was magnificent! Also, the vision and idea of the home tree was so huge and awesome and yet comforting too.

And this was not just a great graphic sci-fi film, it also had a good emotional thread. First that Jake, a non-scientific "warrier" type has lost his twin brother and immediately takes off for parts unknown to replace him on a science mission that he's not trained for is so grabbing. The disgust the science team shows for Jake as a replacement just makes you want to pull for him as "the underdog" and a handicapped one to boot.. Jakes unbounded joy at having working "limbs" via the avatar body makes you want to smile and jump for joy with him. Then the love story/conflict adds just the right touch to draw you right into the action and the fantasy world. The scenes of Jake running through forest and the scenes where Jake and Neytiri are flying and laughing on the banshees were exhilarating. I wanted to cry when the home tree was destroyed and the na'vi turned away from Jake. Of course the rest of the movie was a great emotional up-lifter and the end definitely leaves you wanting to know more of this great land and the people and especially of Jake and Neytiri. Finally, the central "save the planet from the evil humans" theme almost turns me into a "treehugger".

Kalpesh Patel

Avatar is the legend movie in the world and never forgot to many years from any one of mind like 9/11 attack, titanic release etc.
and it theme or article is about to best than earth which is created by god.

so god must be meet to James Cameron for advice to create another earth in space.

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