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What character in AVATAR do you most relate to personally? Why?



I would relate most to Norm because 1. we are bothe geeks(gotta be honest), 2. we try too hard- a little bit suck-up-like(Norm with Grace, me with anyone superior), 3. we both would get angry at people like Jake (people who just walk-or wheel- in and steal your thunder after you've worked so hard to be the best). Not that I don't like Jake, he's one of my favorite characters in history. Anyway, yes, Norm is the character I most relate to. He'd rush into action to help his friends and the race he cares about protecting, which I would too- but maybe not in massive battle form, though. =)


In the movie Avatar the character that best represents me, which I would hate to say is Trudy. The only difference is she a girl and im a guy, but lets put that aside. She is a soldier that likes to use weapons and fly and I love to use weapons and I always wanted to fly. In someway she is a hardass she thinks she can do anything and thats what fits me. I think I can do the most amazing job and say "it was easy". Shes a cool character and can do amazing things and that is my perfection.

Tsanten Anthony

The Character I relate to most is Jake. He's been through alot in his life, but survived scarred.
Like myself.

I am in admiration for his determination and love for the Na'vi people.

Courage and determination are what define him, and they are factors that I look up to.


Defenitly Jake!

Like him, I made a move far away from my home, to a culture and country I had no clue about...
Then I started to learn to see, fell in love with a wonderfull women, the people, the place, the lifestyle and culture...

Now I can proudly say, I am one of the people and like Jake, I can barely remember my old life...

Sometimes your whole life boils down to 1 insane move...


I most relate to Neytiri. The strongest link between us is that we both have witnessed the death of our fathers. We display a rainbow of emotions and we definitely don't hide them.

I'm also a geek like Norm, but I believe that I connect the most with Neytiri.

I See You. :)

Account Deleted

I can't say I relate to any of the dominant characters of AVATAR. If, I had to choose one, however, it would probably be Trudy.
In the military Trudy Chacon was an officer, yet spent most of her time following orders. In her "baby" (Samson) she was in her element but, her sorties were dictated by Grace or Quaritch.
When Trudy took her stand at HomeTree, she elevated her character to Hero status and chose to defy the POWERS THAT BE. I would want to be that type of person.
She reasoned that dying was a high probability, but she knew the RDA was wrong and the Na'vi (on paper) were outnumbered and outgunned.


If I had to chouse a character to relate to in avatar it would probably be Max. I relate to him because 1. He is one of the friendliest people in the movie and I try to be friendly to every one. 2. He seems to be really in to what he does which I am also am, even if it isn’t as exciting as driving an avatar (which is now the job we all wish we had). 3. Also he helps a lot, and doesn’t necessarily get all the glory. And lastly he does look up to some one, he just doesn’t show it (Grace), and I don’t try to show the people I look up to, that I look up to them.

Oswin v.d. B.

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Oswin v.d. B.



What character in AVATAR do you most relate to personally? Why?
i think i can relate myself to Jake...for the fact that we struggle to get to where, or who we want to be. nothing was ever handed to us, and is always worked for...Jake is an outsider to both the RDA and the Na'vi, he fought hard to be accepted by Grace and the other scientist, like wise for the Na'vi. I too have had to fight hard in order to have people to not judge me so quick. We've both had to climb an unstable and dangerious mountain that occasionally threw us a boulder, and we both lost a loved one. However we've both managed to persevere, so far at least...


What character in AVATAR do you most relate to personally? Why?
Surprisingly enough, I think I relate to Grace Augustine the most. My chosen profession is in the retail nursery business, in my line of work, I educate customers and co-workers about the care and types of plants, as well as the small details of how plants and insects interact with each other.
Grace understood the relationship between the plants and animals of Pandora and knew that any interruption of that would be devastating to the planet on a much deeper level than was thought. Every day I am at work offers me the opportunity to make a difference in someones life in their understanding of plants and the world around them.
Her mind was always on plants, the science, taking samples. My children have remarked that when we visit the zoo, I take more pictures of the plants than the animal exhibits!
Our sense of humor is very similar too, slightly caustic in the area of idiots and blockheads who don't listen to a fair warning. On more than one occasion I've been known to give a very blunt answer to someone who obviously didn't have the slightest clue what they were doing.
Some people are heroes on the front line, saving the planet in a big way. Others, like Grace and myself work behind the scenes to be an everyday hero.

Oswin v.d. B.

Am I being blocked around herre is it jut that I can't post my story?

Thebestdramaqueen Vero

I most relate to Neytiri's great grandfather, Turuk Mak Tao, because he was fearless and really protected his people from possible danger

Christopher Michael Hughses

I am completely awestruck by James Cameron's Avatar. The special effects were a mind-altering experience for me. I love Science fiction and anything to do with science. The person I most closely relate to in the movie would have to be Jane,she's the one who created the Avatar program. I love the fact that they used the DNA from the native Na vi and spliced it with human DNA creating clones of Na vi with human characteristics. I also thought the scenes where it showed Jake climbing into the Bio- chambers, and the scenes of the electrical impulses flowing through the neurological pathways and connecting him to his Avatar host were very futuristic. I think maybe one day scientists will be able to transfer someones consciousness into another living host. Right now I am personally studying neurology and the different hemispheres of the human brain and it's many different components. I would love to see another Avatar movie made, I really want to venture deeper into the world of Pandora. I think that James Cameron should create a dictionary of the Na vi language it sounds so beautiful when the Na vi speak their native tongue. I would also like to go to the E-Bay sites and see the jewelry from the costumes in the Avatar movie. Please send me a message to my E-mail address it's thanks for creating the world of Pandora and taking my mind on such an incredible journey. - Christopher Michael Hughes


I think I'm most relate with the warrior omaticaya Tsu'tey who at first appears to be a Na'vi a strong personality and is a little wary to believe in what he sees and especially Jake, who has to take action to earn their trust. But in reality Tsu'tey sought only to defend their people and this could be the strongest link that connects me with, I always try to defend my loved ones in all respects and would never let anything bad happen to them. Thank you , see you !

Account Deleted

My personal Avatar experience is truly magical. It is an out-of-this-world adventure! As far as the characters are concerned, I would most relate to Jake Sully because some of the things we normally do or have experienced before are quite similar. We both had to adjust to a new environment, culture and learn a new language which was pretty challenging, yet it brought lots of joy and funny moments. Also the way Jake deals with various issues is something I would try to do - think everything over, work out a plan of actions and take one step at time. Jake's modesty throughout the movie, his down-to-earth attitude along with the ability to be fair and give credit to people when they truly deserve it are the features I'd like to think I possess. And just like Jake I was lucky (or blessed?) to find love, happiness and a chance to call a new place "home".

Additionally, I can relate to some of the situations in the movie where Jake not only has to learn new things, but also a valuable lesson which helps him to grow stronger, wiser, more mature and more responsible.

While watching the scene about Jake's meeting with the Na'vi and his efforts to become one of them, I couldn't help thinking that many times in life people find themselves in situations where their knowledge and prior experience may not be sufficient, when they feel like a child discovering new things and new ways of handling them. It is all very exciting, yet it takes time to observe and learn by starting with the basics and working your way up to a higher level. We all have to do something for the first time, experience the awkwardness and courage of making the first step, but the feeling of relief, joy and satisfaction after achieving the goal is most fulfilling. Probably I am a little nostalgic about being a student :-)

In conclusion, I would like to say that all Avatar characters are interesting, but Jake is really special. It is quite remarkable that in the process of blending in, he stood out instead. His strong personality is incredibly charismatic, ideal in many ways... Jake is a type of a person many people would look up to... And I definitely would!

Oswin v.d. B.

What character in AVATAR do you most relate to personally? Why?
Maybe I'm the last participator here, maybe someone would be funny and then emediatly be the last one but I'll make my answer clear. I could be two people at once. I could be Norm Spellman because I love to know things and I learn alot. But on the other side, I'm a real advanturer that wants to discover and lives an extremely hard life that only I experienced and made through in my family like Jake Sully had to go through. I made an extremely big interview with Jake Sully but the interview was so enormous that it was not eccapted to post here unfortunately. Where I most relate to personally is Jake Sully. This might be an easy answer but it is not. I took a global look on every character that is involved in the movie, even the submaincharacters. Still Jake Sully is the best choise. Healways likes to joy and have fun. He likes to take risks to live. He had to go through a real rough period when he got in a wheelchair. This period made him strong, mentally and these things are specially kind of the same like me. I live a rough life but that is how I got strong mentally and learned to back-off when it has to. I'm a triplin and I know how it should feel to lose a triplin brother as JAke Sully lost his twin brother. Luckely, I haven't experienced yet but I know how it would feel. Like Jake is two drops of water and Iam three drops of water with my other triplin brothers. But if I lose a drop of that water. It will be like losing a part of my soul, just like Jake lost his twin brother. Guessing that my life is similair to Jake's...

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