Do 3D Movies Make You or Someone You Know Nauseous? Tips for Watching 3D Movies Without Fear

Avatar Jake Very few people experience nausea during 3D movies, but for those who do (or for people you know) there are a few quick fixes that are sure to make your AVATAR viewing experience more enjoyable. Find out how to keep yourself from feeling sick while watching the amazing 3D effects in this film.

Guest post by Ashley Hansen

AVATAR offers viewers 162 minutes of pure 3D bliss – for most people, that is. While many moviegoers would prefer that every film be available in 3D, there is a small portion of the population who struggles to view 3D film images for long periods of time. Add that to the fact that AVATAR’s running time is longer than a typical film, and there have been a small number of folks who reported minor discomfort from watching the movie.

3D Complications

So what causes this problem? When some people view a 3D movie like AVATAR, the binocular disparity of their eyes is confused by the fact that the image is physically far away from them, but appears to be much closer. This knocks off the balance of their vestibular system, which is what keeps each of us from losing our orientation while performing normal activities, such as watching a movie. Although most of us don’t have this problem when watching the movie, some people may be wondering how to keep 3D movies nausea from ruining their AVATAR experience. Fortunately, there are two simple steps that can keep you from feeling sick while watching any 3D movie (including AVATAR).

Step 1: Take Breaks

Now that AVATAR is available on DVD, most of us can watch the film in the comfort of our own homes. In addition to cheaper popcorn and cozier couches, this also makes it possible for you to schedule in your own breaks during the movie. If you suffer from 3D movies nausea, simply plan to take a break every half hour or so. Pause the movie for just a minute or two and take off your 3D glasses. Look away from the TV or get up for a drink refill. The simple act of letting your eyes refocus and take a break from deciphering the 3D images on the screen should be enough to keep you from feeling nauseous during the movie.

Step 2: Stay Focused

Directors have trained us to keep an eye on what’s going on in the out-of-focus areas of the screen; often, audience members find that whatever was blurred in the background holds a secret clue or plays a significant role in the upcoming scene. As moviegoers, we do this subconsciously while watching a traditional 2D film. The small number of people who do have problems with 3D movies nausea sometimes think that if they let their eyes wander to the out-of-focus background images during the film, it will alleviate their sick feeling by giving their eyes a break.

In 3D movies, however, directors don’t utilize the out-of-focus areas of the screen in the same way. Our gaze should always be centered on the part of the screen that is in focus. If you do feel slightly nauseous while watching a 3D movie, make sure you always look at the most focused part of the image on screen. This will actually be easier on your eyes than looking away from it to other areas of the screen.

Enjoy the Show

If you’re worried that 3D movies nausea might be a problem for you, don’t sweat it; this problem occurs in only a small portion of the population. Plus, if you do start to feel a little queasy, there are simple steps you can take to alleviate the discomfort. So sit back, relax and enjoy AVATAR’s 3D wonder.

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Do you or anyone you know get nauseous from 3D movies?



My son has problems with 3D movies. He also is easily car sick. The first time we went to see Avatar he was not a happy camper by the end of the film. So the next time we went he took his normal dose of Dramamine and that made all the difference in the world.
Too bad that he has to be drugged though to enjoy a movie. We are going to see about getting his glasses changed and see if that helps at all.


I get horrifically sick during 3D movies. I ended up lying on the movie theater bathroom floor 30 minutes into this when I tried to see it in the cinema. My theory is that it's because I have astigmatism. Kinda sad that I just couldn't make it through this flick.

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