Collecting AVATAR Movie Memorabilia? Favorite Na’vi Collectibles

Gentle giant neytiri Na'vi AVATAR Memorabilia celebrates the great fictional world of Pandora, created by James Cameron in AVATAR. AVATAR movie memorabilia ranges from small dollar-type toys from Mc Donald's Happy Meals and Mattel collectibles to busts that were carefully sculpted down to small details of the AVATAR Na'vi characters. True AVATAR collectors may want all of the memorabilia, and others may want specific AVATAR movie memorabilia that suits their tastes or budget. Here's a sampling of some of the most popular AVATAR movie memorabilia you can find.

Guest post by Robin Raven

AVATAR movie memorabilia is in high demand. Because of the popularity of the movie, some of the memorabilia is already rare or hard to come by, despite the fact that AVATAR was released in 2009. Also, AVATAR memorabilia comes in all price ranges and for all ages, which speaks to the wide appeal that the movie has. Here are some of the more interesting and important pieces of Na'vi AVATAR movie memorabilia.

Na'vi AVATAR Memorabilia and Figurines from Mattel

Mattel was licensed to produce many figures of the characters in AVATAR. This memorabilia has been collected by AVATAR fans of all ages. It has cited expectations that the figures will continue to sell well upon release of the DVD which will introduce the film to a whole new audience who was not able to see it in theaters.

Mattel produces several human characters and also Na'vi characters. It offers the following 4.25-inch Na'vi figurines: Awkey, AVATAR Jake Sully (with bioluminescence), AVATAR Jake Sully (Loincloth), AVATAR Jake Sully RDA (Tan Suit), AVATAR Jake Sully (Warrior), AVATAR Grace, AVATAR Norm, AVATAR Norm (with bioluminescence), Eytukan, Eytukan (with bioluminescence), Neytiri, Neytiri (with bioluminescence), Tsu'Tey and Tsu'Tey (War Paint).

Matt also produces 7-inch movie masters figures of the following Na'vi characters: Neytiri, AVATAR Jake Sully and AVATAR Jake Sully (Warrior).

Na'vi AVATAR Memorabilia Games

AVATAR movie memorabilia comes in many forms. Some of the most fun AVATAR memorabilia is available in the form of games. There is an official AVATAR board game, as well as an official AVATAR video game. Collectors will want these games even in planning to keep them in their shrink wrap packaging, because of the beautiful cover art of the characters and Pandora.

Na'vi Memorabilia Busts from Gentle Giant, Ltd.

As memorabilia that is more designed for adult AVATAR collectors and fans, Gentle Giant, Ltd, is producing carefully sculpted busts of three essential Na'vi AVATAR characters: AVATAR Neytiri Mini Bust, AVATAR Jake Sully Mini Bust and AVATAR Viper Wolf Mini Bust Two-Pack. They are crafted in detail and worth displaying in any home or home theater.

McDonald's Na'vi AVATAR Memorabilia

Not all memorabilia is for adults, although adults certainly can enjoy the toys that were given out in Happy Meals to promote the movie's initial release. The AVATAR memorabilia from McDonald's included the following character toys: Neytiri, Jake Sully, Direhorse, Neytiri, Great Leonopteryx, Tsu'tey and Hammerhead Titanothere. There were also different AVATAR toys released in other countries that were given away at McDonald's, which can now often be found on eBay.

Artistic AVATAR Memorabilia from Acme

Acme Archives Direct produced four limited edition high-quality artistic AVATAR giclees. The Na'vi AVATAR memorabilia art giclees were of the following titles: Neytiri, Aerial Battle (which is available in two editions, one on canvas) and Willow Glade. The prints are numbered, and each print comes with a certificate of authenticity. They're great for framed display in the room of a child or adult fan, and they're also perfect for home theater display.

Other Na'vi AVATAR Memorabilia

There are lots of memorabilia items that continue to be imagined, and there is likely to be more merchandise and memorabilia of AVATAR approved in the future, especially since it is getting a re-release in both movie theaters and on DVD. Also, a sequel has been confirmed, which is sure to bring for AVATAR Na'vi memorabilia your way. Collectors can enjoy their collection, with confidence that it can soon be expanded.

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If cost were no object, What AVATAR memorabilia would you want?



If cost was no object, I would have many of the items shown (in the past 5 months) on this web site.

There was a Ney'tiri figurine where she was in, what I call, her stealth pose. You know, crouched with one leg extended. It is a magnificent, colorful piece.

Another item I'd own in a AMP suit. God only knows where I would display it, but it would be mine. Oh yes, it would be mine.


If cost wasn't a factor, I would get every single memorabilia I can. That's how much I love AVATAR :)


If money was no object...I would have a massive home theatre and fill the walls with every poster and souvenir I could round up. I would also buy any AVATAR related figurine or toy (even the cheesy McDonald's). This site provided me with great 'behind the scenes' photos....I'd have many enlarged for the walls, too.

I would show AVATAR once a day (at least) but I prefer Hi-Def to 3D. A new idea going around is a 'man cave'. I would have an AVATAR Sanctuary. MY sanctuary, happy place, hideaway...I love AVATAR

Account Deleted

Autographs..............My money would take me to cast members for their autographs, Cameron, too.
And, if it wouldn't bother them....Pictures , pictures, with Steven Lang, JC, Sam, Zoe, Michelle......everyone !!!!! Me in the AMP suit, me on Toruk (I'm wayyy too big for an Ikran). Then, my home theatre...Spacious room, huge screen, comfy recliners for everyone, surround sound...the works.......TYVM.

With any leftover cash...I would visit Barontom and his beautiful horses. Give my love to Lamborghini.

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