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Pandoragreen After watching the AVATAR movie, demand for free role-playing AVATAR games increased tremendously. However, finding an AVATAR RPG has not been so easy for fans who want to participate. Here's a guide to the best RPGs available today.

Guest post by Ty Wingfoot

If you are looking to play free role-playing AVATAR games, you might try the demo of “James Cameron’s AVATAR: The Game.” In November of last year, UBISOFT released this demo version of the game that is still available on some websites. This demo version gives you the ability to play free for seven days. A copy of the demo can be found on the Softpedia site.

With this demo, you can experience Pandora wildlife and choose to play either as a human or Na’vi- working against or with the Na’vi people. “James Cameron’s AVATAR: The Game” demo is available for you to play on PC, but can also be purchased for the Sony Xbox, and Nintendo Wii and PlayStation. Additionally, there are various Web sites online that offer free unlimited games on the Xbox or PlayStation after paying a registration free.

Unfortunately, additional RPG options for AVATAR are somewhat limited. Being an AVATAR fan, you have probably watched AVATAR in IMAX 3D and know that cutting edge technology was used to create the visual experience for this movie. It seems that many RPG creators have shied away from actually developing free role-playing AVATAR games because of the momentous work involved in creating a comparable experience.

However, if you really want to become Na’vi and play free role-playing AVATAR games, there are a couple of other options.

First, you could join in and play within an already created game forum.

Fans have been very imaginative in creating their own online and paper-based role-playing versions of the AVATAR game. You could join in and choose to use a character from the movie or create your own character, learn the Na’vi language, and become involved in prequel or sequel version of this role-play.

A second suggestion would be to design your own game, either alone or with friends.

With the right skills, you could use a good RPG game maker to create your own free AVATAR role-playing game. These RPG software use templates, landscapes, battle editors, and script language to create a new game engine. If you are a beginner, you will find the RPG program “RPG Maker 2000” ideal for creating your own RPG. Newer versions of RPG software include “RPG Maker XP” and “TrueVision 3D”.

As with any RPG, the fun really comes from the people who play, as opposed to the technology you use. Whatever AVATAR RPG you choose, the experience is what you make it!

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