Could AVATAR the Movie on Blu-Ray Drive Advances in 3D Blu-Ray Technology?

Jake blue gunBlu-Ray technology  may seem brand new to some, but the AVATAR movie is driving Blu-Ray technology and 3D Blu-Ray technology home-- first for the early adapters and eventually to the whole market.

Guest post by Ty Wingfoot

Only a few months ago, there was mild speculation among the public about 3D televisions and 3D Blu-Ray players, and even how these systems would work. Since AVATAR has come and gone in its original theatrical run, 3D TVs have hit the market and the number of Blu-Ray 3D disks is expected to reach about 70 titles by the end of the year. It’s not hard to figure out that the success of AVATAR is the driving force behind the advancement and availability of 3D technology for the home, including the Blu-Ray 3D player.

Consumer technology products always move through a path of adaptation. First, there are always the early adopters who have either a lot of money to spend or are hard core technology geeks, or usually a combination of both. The next wave of consumers who start buying in to a new technology are usually younger people with a little extra money for luxuries and an ability to easily grasp and learn new systems. Over time as the price comes down, more people purchase into the given market and the new technology receives more widespread adoption.

The real force behind the technology market, and this is especially true in the television and video market, is content. The saying that content is king is true for everything, from the Internet to the home theatre experience. Before AVATAR 3D hit the theaters, 3D just wasn’t as big as it is right now. Yes, 3D technology has been around for a few decades and even the newer more advanced 3D technology has been around and used for successful kids movies and more. But watching a movie in 3D wasn’t considered essential until AVATAR.

Driven by a 3D hungry audience, more movies sporting 3D effects have been announced and have already started to launch with 3D elements. The process to view these movies successfully at home is a little bit different than viewing these movies at your local theater. Even plopping down ten even twelve dollars or more apiece for a theater ticket isn’t quite the hit as spending several thousand to try to match the experience at home, which for now, has kept many consumers out of the 3D Blu-Ray market.

In time, it will come. While AVATAR isn’t expected to release a 3D Blu-Ray version until at least 2011, AVATAR is what many people think of when they think of a must see 3D movie. As AVATAR is set to re-release this summer with several minutes of additional footage, and as rumors about the AVATAR sequel are let loose, people’s appetites are growing for Blu-Ray players. By the time AVATAR does finally release in 3D, you can be sure there will be quite a few homes all setup with the proper equipment and primed to throw AVATAR parties. The effects on 3D Blu-Ray players will be significant.

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