AVATAR Sequel Rumors – Will There Be a Sequel? When? And Will It Be 3D?

Oceans AVATAR sequel rumors are swirling again and amid the sequel rumors lies the future of 3D movies. So, will there be a 3D sequel to AVATAR? This article will directly answer that question. James Cameron himself speaks up on whether there will be a sequel to AVATAR. Also, will 3D movies remain popular as an essential part of entertainment in pop culture?

Guest post by Robin Raven

Amidst many AVATAR sequel rumors, here is the truth. AVATAR is the highest grossing movie of all time, before there are adjustments for price changes and inflation. Even once that occurs, it's up there among the most successful films of all time. Quite naturally, its millions of fans want to know if they can expect to see more of this wonderful new world.

Before the Sequel

Pandora-loving fans will be happy to know that they have a chance to see AVATAR in 3D at IMAX theaters with six minutes of extra footage this very summer, even before the AVATAR sequel is released. There have been some rumors flying that state the sequel, not the expanded re-release, is coming this summer. While that is not true, fans will get to enjoy new footage of the world of Pandora in all its 3D glory. Also, a second DVD release in November of 2010 is will contain even more deleted scenes from the movie. This 4-disc edition will give fans more footage and insight into this fictitious land of beauty before any sequel is released.

A Sequel to AVATAR

Will there be a sequel to AVATAR? Yes, there is great news for all AVATAR fans. James Cameron has confirmed that there will be a 3D sequel to AVATAR. In fact, he envisions a trilogy for the story, which will follow the main characters of the original movie, Neytiri and Jake. He announced that information even before the film came out. After it became the epic success that it did, in January 2010, Cameron once again confirmed, when asked if there will be a sequel, "Yes, there'll be another."

In April of 2010, James Cameron went into greater detail. He told The Los Angeles Times, "Part of my focus in the second film is in creating a different environment, a different setting within Pandora.” He went on to state that he will explore Pandora's oceans in its sequel. While the beloved rainforest of the original film will still be in its sequels, the oceans will be prominent as well. Fans who remember all of the neat and original surprises of the rainforest can only imagine what he may envision for its oceans.

While a release date has not been set for its sequel—and the actual production on it has not even begun—there will definitely be a sequel. However, knowing Cameron’s penchant for perfection, it just may be a longer time coming than anxious AVATAR fans hope for.

After AVATAR: The Impact on Future 3D Movies

There have been more than a few movie fans, bloggers and critics who have suggested that the success of AVATAR has, in some ways, changed how movie producers envision the potential success of 3D movies. The fact that it was a massive success, even though movie goers had to pay top dollar prices for IMAX and 3D viewings, may give other filmmakers the courage to invest in the 3D film format.

3D televisions are now becoming popular for the first time ever. This indicates that consumers are embracing this format. The beauty and overall AVATAR experience opened many people's eyes to the potential beauty of carefully crafted 3D. For those of us who loved Murray Lerner's 3D masterpiece “Magic Journeys” in its epic run at Disneyland and Disney World, the beauty and potential of 3D entertainment is now seen by others as having appeal beyond theme parks and novelty shows. Pioneers like Murray Lerner revolutionized this film format in the early 1980s, and it is now coming full circle and taking its proper place in mainstream entertainment. That is, at least in some small part, thanks to the epic success of AVATAR.

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What are you hoping for in an AVATAR sequel?



Oh goodie. I can't for this summer! I'm just hoping that the sequel is of the same quality of the first or even better.


i'm hoping to learn more about the Na'vi culture. And other animal/plant life...


I'm really hoping to learn a lot more about Na'vi culture and life in the sequel. I want to see more of their traditions, customs, and find out more about their past. I also don't ever want the focus to shift off of Neytiri and Jake.

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