AVATAR Blu-Ray Problems Cause Uproar Among Fans

Avatar_dvd3 Have you been having trouble with your AVATAR Blu-Ray disc? If so, you're not alone. Many AVATAR fans are struggling with their Blu-Ray copies of the film. Many of these copies don’t appear to be working, and even the suggested solution from retailers doesn't always work. Here's what's causing the trouble – and what you can do about it.

Guest post by Ashley Hansen

As the DVD release of AVATAR finally came, many fans couldn’t wait to get out and buy their copy of the blockbuster 3D film. Many even pre-ordered their copy online through websites like Amazon. However, as many fans cozied up on the couch to finally watch their copy of AVATAR at home, more than a few were disappointed when their Blu-Ray copy wouldn’t play. Forums began to buzz with talk of hundreds and possibly even thousands of AVATAR fans whose Blu-Ray copy of the film would not work in their home theater. What happened with these copies of AVATAR? Is your copy of the film subject to the same at-home failure? Find out more about what caused this situation and how it may be resolved.

Who Is Affected

In this particular situation, only people who bought the Blu-Ray version of the film are affected. People who bought the standard DVD have not reported similar problems. Furthermore, not all Blu-Ray copies are affected; it appears that many Blu-Ray discs are playing just fine and that only a portion of fans buying the movie on Blu-Ray have had to deal with this issue.

What Is the Cause

For those who are experiencing issues, it might appear as though the disc has some inherent issue because your other Blu-Rays play fine. But the real problem is actually the Blu-Ray player. In order to play the disc correctly, older Blu-Ray players need to be updated with the latest firmware, software downloaded from the manufacturer. In fact, the players need to be updated regularly through an Internet download regardless of whether a Blu-Ray player owner wants to watch AVATAR. So if your Blu-ray player is having trouble with AVATAR and not connected to the Internet, a firmware update is the culprit. And if you own an older Blu-ray player without Internet access, you may not be able to watch AVATAR or other new discs either. You may need to upgrade to a newer player. Check your Blu-ray manufacturer's site as a first step.

So a simple Internet download should do the trick, right? Actually, many Blu-Ray owners have reported that even after a download, their AVATAR disc won’t play. If the problem still persists after you download the updated firmware, the cause is likely the digital rights management (DRM) installed on the Blu-Ray disc to prevent customers from copying the film illegally.

AVATAR isn’t the first or only movie to require a firmware update to work, but since it is the best-selling Blu-ray of all time with over 2.7 million copies sold in the first few weeks alone, the percentage of customers with issues is noticeably higher.

How to Fix It

As of right now, most customers experiencing problems after the Internet download are calling retailers about the issue. According to the support lines from most Blu-Ray player brands (including Samsung, Sony and Denon), a new firmware update will have to be created and then made available online before these individuals can play their AVATAR discs. This has many fans quite upset and possibly even returning their copy instead of waiting for a new download to be released.

The Irony

Ultimately, most people who are unable to play their copy of AVATAR are blocked from doing so by the DRM. This mechanism is in place to keep people from downloading and watching the movie illegally. However, the number of illegal downloads has skyrocketed ever since news of the Blu-Ray disc problems has been released. Instead of paying customers being enabled to see the movie, more people than ever are breaking the law to download the film for free. Fortunately, retailers are well aware of the problem and a new firmware download should be released in the coming weeks to resolve the problem.

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Have you had any trouble with your Blu-Ray player and AVATAR?



Luckily, I don't have any problems with my Blu-Ray disc :) Works just fine

Taronyu Ta'em (Burrows)

I have neither problems playing my Avatar Blue-ray on my PS3 or my nootebook

Account Deleted

I feel sorry for those who are struggling with their Blu-Ray DVDs. Once again, modern technology has reared it's ugly head and causes trouble with ' older' model payers. Older model ANYTHINGS seem to be the target of modern day offerings. No longer can the consumer get something and expect it to LAST or be USEABLE for any length of time. Wasn't it just this past year we were subjected to a government mandate about TV going digital, and that if you didn't get such and such (which could only be purchased thru so and so) you would no longer be able to watch television?
Tell you what....that unusable TV works just fine with 2D videos, mister, and if I want to see the news or my ex-favorite TV shows, I have the internet. I've had to give up a lot of things, lately (thanks to the economy) and it's getting easier as time passes. Take the time to weigh Necessity against Want, Luxury against Practical, Frivolous against Need. Does one REALLY need to keep up with the Joneses to have a great life? Trust me.....the Joneses are trying to keep up with someone else !!
I shifted off the subject......, but, it would appear that the Blu-Ray difficulties mirror the film industry's difficulties with James Cameron. He invented and improved on so many areas of film making, no one was prepared to ( or able to) handle it. His technological advances caused a rift in the Status Quo. For the audience it was wonder and awe.....for the film industry, theatre owners, etc., it was more in the "AW HECK, HE'S MAKING WAVES" category.

Blu-Ray offers the best viewing (for the moment).....and you have to PAY to own the best (if it means that much to you).


I rented Avitar on Blue ray then i played it on my ps3 and the F*%#ing thing wont let me play any of my blue rays on my ps3 who do i talk to about it .or my dvds it total ruined my PS3.

richard l vernon

Hi, fab film seen it 3 times in 3d: twice at IMAX!! Anyone else had a problem with 1 scene on the blu-ray? Have an LG player, very good normally on other discs, bought the special edition earlier this year (book dvd/bluray, tin box, etc), on I think it's scene 24, Escape from hell's gate, when Sigourney gets shot, the sound track suddenly goes quiet and I have to rewind (sounds like the old vhs....) the scene to restore full soundtrack volume.

But wait: just received the 3 disc special edit from Play.com and surprise, surprise!! The same thing is happening on this scene, stop, rewind, playback no problem.

Anyone out there had/having a similar problem? A colleague at work had a similar problem with Wolfman on his Sony player and was resolved by downloading new software.

Sob, can anyone help please.... : )

Tricky dicky,
West Midlands

richard l vernon

P.S. to my previous comment, contacted Play.com, not aware of a problem. have contacted Fox themselves 4 times (!!) about this problem and guess what? No reply received at all, isn't that a surprise?

Perhaps if I'd praised Mr Murdoch to the skies I may have got a free replacement, yeah, right...

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