All About the AVATAR Special Edition Steelbook: Extra Features and an Amazing Guidebook

Avatar book2 copy Find out everything you want to know about the AVATAR Special Edition Steelbook, including when the AVATAR special edition comes out and what amazing features will be included with this version.

Guest post by Ashley Hansen

The AVATAR Special Edition Steelbook is an excellent addition to any movie collection. This extensive set includes many extras in addition to the amazing 3D film created by James Cameron and starring Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang. Any fan of the movie should consider purchasing this amazing special version of the film. Find out when this and future AVATAR special editions are available out and what amazing extras are included in the set.

Release Date

For fans wondering when the first AVATAR special edition comes out, there is some great news: the AVATAR Special Edition Steelbook was released on April 26, 2010. This was just four days after the initial release date for standard versions of the film on April 22, 2010. There is much speculation that further special editions may be released in the coming months, such as a documentary about the making of the film, but no specific date or special edition has been announced yet. Also, even if further releases are made, it is unlikely that they will contain all the interesting extras found in the first Steelbook edition of AVATAR. As of right now, this special edition costs around $40, which is a good price considering the extra bonuses included.

Pandora Guidebook

The AVATAR Special Edition Steelbook provides much more background to the history of Pandora and the characters involved in the film. One of the main bonuses fans will find in their Steelbook edition is a 203-page guide called An Activist Survival Guide to Pandora, which is presented as a secret report from the Resources Development Administration (RDA), the organization run by humans which has settled on Pandora in the movie. The book presents a social and biological history of the planet, including the alien ecosystem. Details are revealed about the plants and animals found on Pandora as well as the geographical features and mining locations. The culture and language of the Na’vi are described in detail, and confidential information is released concerning the technology and weapons that the RDA uses in warfare. Any super-fan of the movie AVATAR should read those this guide and learn all about Pandora, its inhabitants and its visitors.

Other Extras

Included among the AVATAR Special Edition Steelbook extras are four lenticular art cards. These cards have an illusion of depth, similar to that of a hologram, which mimics the 3D experience that fans loved from the film. The images actually appear to move on these amazing cards, which fans can keep as a collector’s item, display in their home or share with friends and family. Also included in this AVATAR special edition is the full-length movie in two different formats. Those who purchase the Steelbook will get AVATAR both on DVD and Blu-ray. This is a great advantage for those who want to keep one copy in the car or have both players in their home. Fans of the movie will love this amazing AVATAR Special Edition Steelbook. It’s a keepsake that fans can enjoy for years, and provides insider information about the background for the film.

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