How to Create Your Own AVATAR Movie Poster

Avatar poster Summer 2009 If you want to create your own AVATAR movie poster, then this guide will take you from finding the image to printing the finished product.

Guest post by Katie Gatto

Creating slick and high quality movie posters used to be something that only the pros could do.  Luckily for film fans around the world, modern computers have brought this ability to the masses.  If you want to make a custom movie poster for AVATAR, either as decoration or in celebration of the DVD launch, then these steps will get you creating one in no time.

Step 1: Gather Your Images

Movie posters are usually text light and graphics heavy.  That means you are going to have to acquire some movie pictures for your poster.  Remember that when in doubt, it is better to have a large choice of photos than it is to have too few.  You can get images one of two ways.

1. By taking them from the official site.  Many of the wallpaper and media images will be of use to you.

2. By using an image search like Google Images.

When choosing your images, just be aware that if you intend to bring your poster to a print shop, some printers may not accept copyrighted images. Keeping that in mind, once you have your photos we can move on to the next step. 

Step 2: Choose Your Software

A multi-layered image editor is your best bet, but you can use a word processor if you like.  With a word processer, however, you may lose the ability to layer.  If you don’t have image editing software already, try downloading something like GIMP. It works cross-platform and is free.

Step 3: Choose Your Background

The type of background that you choose will have a large impact on the overall feel of your poster.  If you are choosing a solid color go ahead and set it.  If you are selecting an image, import and resize it to match your canvas size.

Step 4: Add Your Other Images and Text

Now you can place your other images and text onto the poster.  While this is largely a free form affair there are a few guidelines to be aware of.

• When layering multiple images, be sure not to cut out any key parts of the bottom level image.

• When layering text over text, be sure that the smaller font can fit inside the larger font’s letters.  This ensures readability.

• Remember that not all images have to be 100% solid.  Experiment with transparency and blurring edges to get a cool effect.

• When blurring images into each other, either be sure that there is color continuity or that you have a buffer color to help ease the transition.

• Image quality matters.  If you need to apply a sharpen filter or choose a higher resolution image, then do it.

• Remember that if you layer words and images, you need to be sure that the font is complimentary.

Step 5: Take a Break and Come Back

This may seem silly, but walking away for a few moments and coming back will give you a fresh set of eyes.  That is important if you want to catch errors or be sure that your layout is as good as it can be. Once you are sure of your layout, you can print your poster at home or bring it to a print shop for reproduction.

Step 6: Enjoy your homemade AVATAR poster!

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What's your favorite AVATAR movie poster?



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