Will AVATAR Bring 3D Plasma TVs Into More Homes?

Avatar lasers Experts are predicting that with the upcoming launch of the 3D version of AVATAR, it could spur plasma TV sales. The latest 3D technology that made AVATAR such a huge success is now inspiring plasma TV manufacturers to launch the sophisticated 3D HDTVs that will render a thrilling 3D viewing experience at home. This article covers the recent trends and developments in the field of 3D plasma TVs.

Guest post by Om Thoke

Almost every plasma TV manufacturer has announced the release of 3D HDTVs for 2010. The success of AVATAR may be a direct contributor to a considerable increase in the sales of these high-end televisions. However, the 3D gaming market is also picking up at a fast rate. At the same time, one shouldn’t overlook upcoming sports mega events like the FIFA World Cup that are bound to entice potential customers to buy 3D HDTVs as well.

Panasonic: The Early Bird

Panasonic has been the early bird to offer 3D TVs, and succeeded in grabbing enough orders that they ultimately had to take back-orders from retailers! Panasonic gained tremendous fame with its 50-inch full high-definition plasma TV (provided with a pair of glasses and a 3D Blu-ray player) beginning in March, 2010. The total package was offered for $2,899.99.

On the heels of Panasonic, now every other plasma TV manufacturer right from Sony, LG, and Samsung, down to Toshiba is all set to roll out 3D HD TVs this year as well. Sony has yet to announce their game plans officially; but you can rest assured there will be a mega launch before the FIFA World Cup. Market experts are expecting 3D Bravia TVs somewhere around the second week of June. As per the latest updates, Sony is planning to roll out about two to three million 3D plasma TVs this year.

Global shipments of 3D TVs are expected to hit 4.2 million in 2010, and the experts are predicting that the sales may even triple in 2011 (close to 12.9 million).

Samsung aims to roll out about two million 3D TVs as well. Panasonic, the market leader, is predicting to sell another million 3D bundles, while LG Electronics Inc. is predicting sales of somewhere around 400,000 3D TV sets.

Latest Trends: 3D Programming

3D HDTV makers are counting on 3D broadcasts of major sporting events creating consumer buzz and spurring sales, especially the 3D broadcast of the 2010 FIFA World Cup for soccer. Sony has entered into a collaborative arrangement and bagged rights to deliver 3D images from as many as 25 FIFA World Cup matches, to be held in South Africa this year.

Disney’s ESPN 3D will broadcast 85 live events starting from the month of June, which will include the Bristol, Connecticut-based sports network.

What’s more, Sony, Imax Corp, as well as Discovery Communications Inc. have also entered into a collaboration to launch a new 3D channel in 2011; this may contribute to a good deal of increases in 3D HDTV sales during 2011.

The rise in popularity of 3D gaming, upcoming FIFA World Cup, and other sports events, as well as James Cameron’s AVATAR will definitely bring the latest 3D plasma sets into many more homes in 2010, as well as over the next few years.

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