Top 3 AVATAR Collectibles to Display in Your Home Theater

Giclee With the mega-success of AVATAR the movie, there are lots of terrific AVATAR collectibles that will be perfectly displayed in your home movie theater. Among those are an immaculate AVATAR giclee print and an interactive collectible, which stays true to the innovative spirit of the movie. Keeping these AVATAR collectibles in your home theater will remind you of Earth Day and the film's strong message all year.

Guest Post by Robin Raven

AVATAR collectibles can be a prominent part of your home theater display. Since it's likely to be one of the first 3D movies that your home theater audience will enjoy, commemorating the splendor and magic of the movie in our home theater forever is a great idea. The AVATAR collectibles that are best for a home theater include busts made specifically for display from Gentle Giant, Ltd. and limited edition AVATAR collectible art. There are many ways that you can express your affinity and inspiration of James Cameron's AVATAR. Here are the 3 top choices in AVATAR collectibles to get you started. 

There are many AVATAR collectibles, from board games to web-cam collectibles to McDonald's happy meal toys. There are also AVATAR collectibles for every price range. If you're looking for the best of the AVATAR items available, here are the top 3 here. There are AVATAR collectibles here for every collector's budget, while it includes the essentials a true fan should splurge on for their optimal AVATAR home theater display.

Tsutey figurineTsu'Tey Figurine from iTag

 James Cameron's AVATAR Webcam Collectible 4-inch iTag figure of Tsu'Tey is an essential AVATAR collectible to display. It's very rare and from the first series released.

The character of Tsu'Tey, who is much-respected on the planet of Pandora, is beautifully captured in this small figurine. It is rare among the official AVATAR merchandise that was released, and it comes with the ability to let the collector control a 3D model from his home computer. Upon buying this AVATAR collectible, you go to, then hold up the enclosed iTag in front of the screen. From there, you can control the 3D AVATAR model on your computer.

All released packages include both the AVATAR collectible figure and the accessory. Whether you choose to keep the Tsu'Tey in the beautiful, authentic packaging that it comes in or choose to open it and display in on a bookshelf or behind glass, it's one that you'll want to have as part of your AVATAR collection. It's safe for ages 6 and up. If you have younger kids, be sure to keep it out of their reach.

Gentle giant neytiri Gentle Giant AVATAR Collectible Bust

The company Gentle Giant, Ltd. Also produced wonderful, official AVATAR collectibles. Coming out in the summer of 2010, their busts are beautifully sculpted with an unsurpassed attention to the intricate details of each character represented. In fact, they were sculpted, based upon the original 3D models used for the movie. You'll want to get a pair of them: the Jake Sully and the Neytiri. Of course, the hard core AVATAR collector will want to get all of the AVATAR collectibles in this series.

Giclee avatar willow AVATAR Collectible Limited Edition Giclee from Acme Archives Direct

Acme Archives released officially licensed, limited edition art giclee of the movie and world of AVATAR. Among all of the AVATAR collectibles, these will display the most beautifully. Among the most coveted of the few different prints released by Acme is the one entitled “Willow Glade,” which shows the mystical world in the depth of Pandora that was created by Robert Stromberg, the production designer.

The AVATAR limited edition giclee of Willow Glade reveals the beauty of Pandora. Each giclee is numbered, and it measures 10 by 21 inches. It's perfect for framing alongside its certificate of authenticity.

All AVATAR Collectibles

This is a starter guide to the very best in AVATAR collectibles. There will likely be more merchandise to come, and there's a lot to explore. Build your AVATAR collectible collection upon your favorite character and your favorite part of the planet Pandora.

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Do you have any AVATAR collectibles and if so which ones?


Tsanten Anthony

I am definitely getting the Jake and Ney'Tiri Busts! at 77.99 each, I can't afford all three.

Definitely a great collectible for a devout Avatar Fan.

Robin Raven

Thanks for the comment, Anthony! Those busts do look really cool. Good choices. :-)

Robin Raven

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