Top 10 Reasons To Buy a 3D TV - Avatar Is One of Them!

Arches 3D televisions have been hitting the market at full speed. But why should you buy a 3D TV?  There are a number of reasons. Above all, however, you'll be able to watch your favorite 3D movies, including James Cameron's AVATAR, in the comfort of your own home theater and still enjoy all the special effects.

Guest post by By Misty Faucheux

Thanks to films like AVATA , 3D televisions have hit the market, and people are wondering about these hot new televisions. Why should you buy a 3D TV, especially if you already have a plasma or LCD television? Well, here are the top 10 reasons why we think you should upgrade to a 3D television.

1. It's cool. If you’re a gadget freak, then this will definitely be the centerpiece of your gadget mania. How many of your friends can say that they own a 3D TV? For the moment, there aren’t many, but most TV companies are saying that nearly all televisions in the future will come with 3D.

2. It costs less than you think: While these TVs are a little more expensive than regular large screen televisions (generally $2,500 to $3,000), it’s not over the top. Those who can afford a big-screen TV can also afford a 3D TV.

3. It looks better than HD – a lot better. 3D televisions have superior fields of depth and color over regular HD TVs. It will just make your overall movie experience better.

4. Over time, having a 3D TV is cheaper than going to the movies. Movie theaters have loved 3D movies since they have been bringing more people into movie theaters. But, you have to pay for the privilege. It's estimated that 3D movie ticket prices will rise to around $20 a piece, making a trip to the movies for a family of four around $100. So, while a $2,500 price tag may sound expensive, it will probably save you money in the long run.

5. New 3D TV programs are coming. Many people are predicting that normal events, especially sporting events, will soon be filmed in 3D. Imagine watching your favorite baseball team and feeling like you’re at the ballpark. ESPN is already planning a 3D TV network. There is even talk of regular TV shows going 3D.

6. Games, games, games. Game aficionados will soon be able to play their favorite video games in 3D, taking the game to a whole different dimension.

7. It takes your home theater experience up a whole level. If you have pockets deep enough to invest in a full home theater, then you should take it to the next step, and add 3D technology. This will really give you and your guests the true movie theater experience.

8. There are more choices than ever for a 3D TV. Samsung is offering 3D technology on a variety of screen types, including LCD, LED and plasma. So, no matter what format you prefer, you can obtain 3D technology with built-in full HD quality.

9. No more flimsy 3D glasses. The glasses that come with the 3D televisions are not the barely-can-keep-on paper models. And they're not the uncomfortable movie theater models either. They’re more like real glasses and have polarized lenses, which allow you to more comfortably watch the screen.

10. AVATAR That’s right. The groundbreaking and visually stunning film by James Cameron can be viewed in your home in all its glory once it’s released in 2011. No more wishing that the movie theater would have just one more run of the film. From the comfort of your own home, you can watch it and the many other 3D films that have followed Avatar’s success and still get to enjoy all the amazing effects.

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What's your reason for wanting a 3D TV?



I will definitely try to get a 3D TV in the future. One reason being Avatar. I would like it when we reach the day when we won't need the glasses anymore to view 3D movies.

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