10 Great Ideas for Throwing the Best AVATAR House Party on the Block

Avatar drink Everybody young and old has fallen for this amazing movie – which is why the DVD release is a great time to show off your party skills!  Invite your friends, family and neighbors to the best AVATAR party. Here are 10 great ideas for throwing the best AVATAR house party on the block -- for AVATAR fans of all ages.

Guest post by Sylvie Branch

James Cameron’s AVATAR is coming soon to a house near you with the release of the DVD. Why not make it your home and throw the best AVATAR house party on the block to celebrate!

Consider the following suggestions for decorations, food and activities when planning your AVATAR party.

1. Create your own Pandora with houseplants. Place plants throughout the room that you will be showing the movie as well as the kitchen or dining room. These natural effects are a simple way to create a  lush environment. The plants can be ones you currently own, or purchase a few large floor plants, or use smaller plants as party favors. Sending your guests home with a piece of Pandora is a nice touch. This is one party favor that will not be thrown in the trash afterwards. 

2. Set a dress code of blue, black or silver. Face makeup is optional, but the look of your own tribe will come together with a color scheme. Plain black or royal blue t-shirts can be decorated with silver puffy paint for the lightening look. Have everyone decorate t-shirts together at the party, or make costumes optional and look forward to seeing everyone’s creations.

3. Hang streamers from the doorframes for inexpensive decoration. Taping blue, black and white crepe paper to the entrances of the rooms makes a mystical effect for your AVATAR party.

4. Plan a photo-op by purchasing a large poster of the Na’vi characters. Set them up in your lush Pandora, leaving room for people to pose next to them while you snap their picture. Hang a blue tablecloth to the wall for a nice background. Load them onto your computer while the movie is playing and then print them to send home with your guests.

5. Play a movie trivia game before you show the movie. Gather a list of questions, type them up and have the party goers test their memory. After your private showing, test them again. You'll find some good ideas here and on the AVATAR blog posts on this site.

6. Buy some AVATAR paper party goods. Themed plates, napkins, cups and tablecloths can be used with the official images. Or for something classier and cheaper, choose some royal blue paper plates, cups, utensils and napkins.

7. Get blue candy to set out in bowls throughout the party area. Blue foil wrapped Hershey’s Kisses, blue M & M’s, blue Jelly Belly’s, blue lollipops and more are available at specialty candy shops or you can find them online.

8. Set out the materials to make AVATAR necklaces. Planning something to keep children busy will make the movie experience better for everyone. Order and print off 1” AVATAR images to be cut out and glued onto wooden circles. Affix to a braided cord to create a nice keepsake.

9. Make punch using blue Kool-Aid, Sprite and scoops of sherbet. If you're worried about carpet stains, leave out the blue Kool-Aid and make a lemonade punch and toss frozen blueberries in for color.  Or if you're serving adult AVATAR drinks, try a dash of blue Curacao in a cocktail of choice to turn it blue.

10. Break out the video camera during your party. Ask your guests tell what their favorite part of the movie was, or what they wished happened. Since AVATAR is the hottest thing since Star Wars, it will be a great keepsake to look back on your AVATAR home party in years to come.  

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What are your ideas for an Avatar-themed party?



im having a pizza party with blue cupcakes and blue cookies its going to be epic


I'm going to an Avatar party over the weekend and wearing blue. That's after I watch the DVD with friends at home because I can't wait. : D


I don't know if I will be throwing a party since I think I'm the only Avatar fan out of all my friends. But I just can't wait to see it.


If i knew anybody who was having one, or figured anyone would come i would definitely throw an Avatar party. But sadly i think i'm the only one of my friends who love it THAT much.

Account Deleted

In as much as I expect to watch the movie over and over..a party might not be a good idea. I'm bad, because I like to talk but don't want to be talked TO......selfish.

Chris Bonner

I'd love to have a reason to paint myself blue, and go out for a few drinks. Have you seen the spoof on You tube... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N15ok23x6Rk ? Hilarious! I doubt any of my friends would get that dressed up :(

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