Optimize Your AVATAR 3D DVD Experience - Tips for Watching 3D Movies at Home

Fern AVATAR 3D is coming soon – are you ready? Here are some tips for watching 3D at home, whether it's AVATAR or other 3D movie releases. It's important to understand these 3D viewing tips if you want to get the full perks of the 3D format. You've likely made a significant investment for watching 3D at home; take it one step further with these AVATAR 3D DVD tips.

Guest post by Robin Raven

It's important to prepare for your AVATAR 3D DVD viewing experience by making sure that your home theater is properly set-up for the best way to see the 3D imagery. Your 3D viewing experience will differ greatly from your 2D one. 3D is an often misunderstood entertainment format. Although it has been around for decades, the first 3D DVDs are just now becoming available. Catch up with these tips for watching 3D at home.

AVATAR is one of the most anticipated DVD releases of 2010. Here are some tips for watching 3D at home. Use them to maximize your viewing of the AVATAR DVD. Although 3D movies have been enjoyed by children since Murray Lerner made the 3D short film Magic Journeys for Disneyland in the early 1980's, feature films being made on 3D have not been mainstream until the last couple of years. AVATAR is one of the first 3D DVDs ever. Get a jump start on this new trend with these AVATAR 3D DVD viewing tips.

Create the Optimal 3D Viewing Environment

Make sure that the room is dark. If you are watching the DVD when there is bright sunlight outside, try throwing some thick, dark blankets over the window. You won't have to deal with full-time dark curtains in your viewing room, and that makes sure that the bright light doesn't interfere with watching 3D at home. You also want to close doors to other rooms, if there are other people who aren't watching the DVD or if you need to leave other lights on for some reason. Turn off all of the lights in a room. The less ambient light that is present in your home theater, the less double vision your 3D vision will have. Halo effects should also be reduced if you have a dark viewing environment.

Smaller Viewing Groups

One of the most essential AVATAR 3D DVD tips for a happy experience for all viewers is to make sure that every seat in the house is a good one. Because 3D DVDs are in their infancy, everywhere that one can sit in an average den will not be ideal. Try sitting directly in front of the television. So, you may want to limit your first AVATAR 3D DVD viewing group to just a few close friends or family members, so that you can all have the ideal position in front of your 3D screen.

Don't Underestimate Blu-Ray

When it comes to watching any 3D movie on DVD, you want to go with the high-definition or Blu-Ray version. This will probably be especially important for AVATAR, with its rich imagery and subtle effects. This is also more important for those who have large high-definition televisions. In that case, you never want to go without getting the high-definition version. If you have a smaller, older television, you don't have to be as concerned with Blu-Ray, but it's still always best to get the highest quality DVD that you can obtain for your collection.

Check Your Television Settings

Make sure that your television settings are optimally set for the 3D viewing experience. The settings for the 3D viewings are not the same as they should be for normal viewing; they should be slightly brighter. Because there are red and blue colors in the 3D lenses, an average picture setting will appear too dark through the view from behind your 3D glasses. Just remember to set the brightness back to its original setting after your 3D viewing is complete.

Completing Your AVATAR 3D DVD Viewing Experience

Although these tips for watching 3D at home will apply to any viewing experience, be sure to apply them before watching your AVATAR DVD to get the most out of James Cameron's epic film.

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What are your tips for creating the best movie experience at home?



Interesting tips. I never thought about optimizing my 3D DVD experience. I was just going to put in the DVD and just watch it. I will definitely give some of these a try.

Robin Raven

I'm glad that you fond them helpful, Spirit. I hope you enjoy the experience. :-)

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