How to Make Great Avatar Costumes

Holidayfilmsx-large You can relatively easily make Avatar costumes for Jake Sully or Neytiri at home for a DVD party or Halloween (it's not as far off as you think). These simple instructions tell you the supplies you will need, how to make the pieces, and how to assemble the costumes.

Guest post by Rebecca Scudder

The plans outlined below are for Jake Sully and Neytiri costumes for you or your kids. This easy family project will create great Halloween memories that last beyond the treasured photos of these classic Avatar looks.

Costume Supplies

Both the Jake and Neytiri costumes will need:

· Long-sleeved turtleneck shirt in a medium-blue color

· Blue makeup or face paint the color of the shirt for hands, arms and face

· Face paint crayons – one darker blue and one white

· Makeup sponges

· Long-haired black wig for na’vi hair

· Fabric for tail, ears and clothing accents

- 1/3 yard-long strip brown cloth, blue felt, and batting (Neytiri needs 1/2 yard cloth)

· Dark blue fabric pen, which can make narrow or wide lines

· Package of mixed color pony beads from the craft store

· package of multi-colored wooden beads, multiple sizes;

· Twine or leather shoelaces

· Hair elastics

· Needle and thread

· Spool of floral wire

For the Jake Sully costume you'll also need:

· Dark plain tee shirt

· Khaki shirt one size too large

· Khaki pants

· Work boots

The Neytiri costume will additionally need:

· Medium blue leggings and socks

· Brown sandals

· One or two 8” wide and 16” long brown cloth apron(s) with cloth ties

· Long green scarf

Once you have gathered your supplies, you can begin to assemble your costumes.

  1. The wig will become Na’vi hair with braids. Keep the wig in a head-like shape by placing it on a wig form or large jar. Have your kids create the braids, or if they are too young to do so, have them hold the wig steady for you. The Jake costume needs one long braid to go down his back. Neytiri has a number of smaller braids scattered through her hair. Make at least two at the front. Tie off the braid(s) with a hair elastic and then wrap a leather shoelace, twine, or a thin strip of the brown material. Tear for a more primitive look.
  2. Add decorative beads to the wig. String an inch or two of beads onto six pieces of 12” to 16” long twine or shoelace. Tie the twine in a knot to the last bead to secure it. Tie a knot above the beads so they don’t slip off. Sew the end of the twine onto the wig. Put two on each side at the front. Two more go on sides of the wig.
  3. Add ears to the wig. Cut two 4” triangles from the blue felt. Pleat the bottom like a cat ear and sew in position. Sew to the wig to peek out of the hair in a cat-like position.
  4. Create Na’vi skin markings. In Avatar, Na’vi skin has markings very much like those of a striped cat or zebra.  Lay shirt flat, with leggings if needed. Draw an example. If your kid is helping, they can finish drawing stripes.
  5. Create a Na’vi arm bracer. If you want to get fancy, hand sew an 8-inch tube brown cloth for a bracer on Neytiri’s arm.
  6. Create a Na’vi tail. The floral wire measuring 22” to 34” long comes in handy for the tail. Bend wire until it is six strands thick and clip the end. Twist the wire together. Lay wire on the batting and roll tightly until an inch thick. Put this on the blue felt and roll the felt around twice. Stitch the tail closed. Color one end darker blue with the fabric pen and sew the other end to the bottom of the turtleneck back, with 6 ½” on the shirt for a solid base. Curve the tail to achieve the desired look.
  7. Create Na'vi jewelry. String wood and pony beads on bead elastic to make as many bracelets and necklaces as desired, more is better. At a minimum, the Jake costume will need 2 beaded bracelets and the Neytiri costume will need 4 beaded bracelets and 1 beaded necklace.

The final step is to assemble your Avatar Halloween costumes. The Neytiri costume will layer socks under the decorated leggings, and then add the decorated turtleneck with tail and brown apron. The green scarf is used as a waist wrap and you can wear sandals.

The Jake costume uses the decorated turtleneck with tail plus the tee shirt, khaki pants and work boots. Add the khaki shirt as a loose over shirt that is opened in the front and has the sleeves rolled up.
For both costumes, you can now add blue makeup on hands and face, with darker blue stripes and white freckles. Add the decorative beads and put on the wig.

Now you and your kids are ready to admire the Avatar Halloween costumes you created together and capture those precious photos and memories.

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Will you dress up as an AVATAR character for a party or Halloween?


Tsanten Anthony

This is really interesting... Thanks for Sharing!


Rebecca Scudder

If you make a costume, I'd love to hear how it goes. If you have additional ideas, tell people about them in the comments - I think people will be interested in everyone's ideas for how to do things, or different ways of getting an effect.

NAVi Jakesully

I DID IT, I LUV IT.Eywa Ngahu

Ray Lenci

Or you can just get this complete kit:
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Wouldn't these be easier and much more real?


where can I find the floral wire???


I've just seen you can get a pair of the yeloow looking contact lenses here

There arn't any officially supported ones yet so they will have to do.


Still looking for floral wire myself :(

Is some stuff here too

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