How To Talk Anyone Into Buying a 3D Blu-Ray Bundle To Watch AVATAR When It Arrives in 3D

Battle scene Oh those 3D Blu-Ray home theater bundles sure are tempting, and wouldn’t AVATAR look great on a 50” screen with 3D technology? You can practically hear voices raised in song whenever you browse the electronics aisle. But usually someone else has to sign off too. Here’s how to get your significant other on your side.

Guest post by Ty Wingfoot

There it is – the aisle with the 3D Blu-Ray bundles. What’s that? A siren song? Yes, it is. It’s pulling you closer. Must resist. Must not pull charge card from pocket. Must …

But there you are. Standing in front of those 50” screens from Panasonic and Sony. Playing with the cool looking 3D glasses. Watching the demo. Again. And trying to remember exactly why you can’t touch the savings account, why your credit card balance is too high, how bad the fight would be, and what exactly you would be doing to make up for that fight. Or worse yet, what you wouldn’t be doing.

Defeated, you slump away.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how you can talk anyone into buying a 3D Blu-Ray bundle, with extra glasses.

The most important thing to remember is it’s not about you. It’s about you finding the similarities between what’s important to your significant other and what’s important to you, and using those to strike an emotional chord and help in your negotiation. Here are some initial ideas to get you thinking:

1. It’s about the shared experience. The moments; those precious, precious moments with family and friends. Help your partner think of all the good times everyone will share. The oohs and aahs that will come from relatives and friends when you dazzle them with eye-popping special effects.

2. It’s about the kids, honey. Think of their friends. Think of the kids that will want to sleepover. Think of the life-long friendships they could be building right now by having a cool 3D TV. Pretty soon, everyone will have one of these. If we don’t move now, it will be too late.

3. It’s about the motivation. Explain that this will help motivate you to: work harder, accept more projects, get that raise, work over time, sell the junk in the basement or garage. Owning a 3D TV will help you do what it takes to improve your financial position, because it will help you see the results of all your hard work, every time you walk in to that room.

4. It’s about supporting advancements in technology. Imagine, if no one ever bought a home computer. Would there be laptops today? If no one bought HD TVs, would there be HD channels. No. If no one buys 3D TVs, all those cool 3D channels that are set to start broadcasting will just go away. Imagine a time when all young children grow up watching the Discovery channel in 3D. Imagine the educational benefit. Awesome, right?

Remember, most non-essential purchases are made out of emotion, not practicality. Use that to your advantage and your next visit to that big-box electronics store may just end with you buying the 3D Blu-Ray bundle of your dreams.

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Will you have to talk anyone into getting the Blu-ray 3D bundle for AVATAR?


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