Host a Great Avatar DVD Release Party

Avatarawakes The Earth Day release of the AVATAR DVD is being met with many AVATAR DVD release parties. Whether you are having simple a viewing party or an all-out celebration of AVATAR, there are things you can do to liven it up. Try these steps to make sure that your guests truly get the most out of your AVATAR DVD release party.

Guest post by Robin Raven

Here are some ideas for being the ultimate host for the AVATAR DVD release. Whether it's combining it with the environmental theme of the film and it's Earth Day AVATAR DVD release, there are things that you can do to both make sure that everybody has a fun time at your party and remember the message. From adding some costume fun to the guests' experience to leaving them with an AVATAR DVD release party favor, try to get creative. There are several steps that you can take before your guests arrive that make sure that things go smoothly all throughout the AVATAR DVD release party for you as a host and your AVATAR fan guests.

If you're wondering how to host a great AVATAR DVD release party, there are several tips that you can use to optimize the fun that you and all your guests have when watching AVATAR. It truly is a movie to be experienced, not simply watched. 

What to Serve

Serve vegetarian fare at your AVATAR DVD release party if you want to recognize the environmental message of the movie. You may also want to serve food that's reminiscent of the movie. If you are having kids to the party, rename the food to fit the movie. For instance, try serving Pandora blueberry pie or mystical melon slices.

Ambiance for your AVATAR Release Party

Consider having your AVATAR release party with the windows open if you live on a quiet street. Bring household plants to the viewing room to set the natural mood. Put on music that is reminiscent of the theme of the movie or the soundtrack from the movie.

Come as Your AVATAR

Invite all of your guests to come as their favorite AVATAR character. If you don't want to make your guests paint their faces blue, you can play on the movie title by asking them to dress as what they commonly use as an avatar online. Many people use their pets, kids or simply funky, odd drawings. If everybody comes as the avatar that they use when messaging people online, it can cause great laughs before settling down to watch the fantastic 3D version of AVATAR.

Have a James Cameron Encore Planned

If you are inviting a lot of film enthusiasts, make a night of it by planning a comparison party with other James Cameron films, such as “The Terminator” and “Titanic.” If you are particular fans of the actors of the film, you may celebrate with their other films as well. Or better yet, you may just want to show AVATAR twice.

Plan a Party Bag

Make an AVATAR party favor bag for your guests. Kids and adults will enjoy toys themed to the movie, such as the collectible figures. If you can afford to give all of the guests a copy of Pandorapedia or an Avatar DVD of their own, place those in the bag as well (or they can be prizes for an AVATAR trivia contest). Whatever you choose, make sure that it's individual to the guests at your AVATAR DVD release party. It's sure to be one that you and your guests will remember.

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How are you planning to celebrate AVATAR on DVD?



Is it okay if we eat spare thanator ribs?

Jokes aside though, I like the your ideas! I'll try and get a couple of my chums round and get them to experience the beauty of the film.

Robin Raven

No thanator ribs, please. haha

Let us know how it went. :-) Hope it was lots of fun.

-Robin Raven


Thanks for the tips. Our Avatar party was Great!

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