How AVATAR Home Viewing Is Different From Viewing AVATAR in Theaters

Avatar_final_poster Just how AVATAR home viewing will differ from viewing AVATAR in theaters will depend on several factors such as the type of TV or screen, whether the format is 2D or 3D and the accompanying sound system. Here are further details of the different viewing experiences and some upcoming 3D offerings.

Guest post by Larry M. Lynch

Writer and Director James Cameron has redefined movie making with his epic film AVATAR. For viewing AVATAR in theaters, there are three distinct options. These are:

  • Conventional 2D movie viewing
  • AVATAR in IMAX 3D format
  • AVATAR in 3D format

So which one is better for theater viewing?

Conventional theaters nowadays feature digital surround sound in addition to a 70mm wide screen film format. The image though widened and requiring you to turn your head to view the complete screen, is still flat and two dimensional.

A special format converts AVATAR for viewing in I-MAX 3D theaters, which have giant or domed screens with seating set on a 30 degree incline to promote viewing without interference. Some I-MAX theaters also have seats which vibrate, and shift for added effect.

AVATAR is stunning in any format; however, to appreciate the full array of effects and get sucked into the world of Pandora, 3D is preferable. If you have the option to see AVATAR in an IMAX theater even better! Just beware if prone to motion sickness which may make the movie less than enjoyable for you.

Viewing in theater also allows you to appreciate the quality of the AVATAR soundtrack with theater viewing having a higher quality, more distinctive surround sound experience. Theaters have custom acoustics frequently superior to home viewing acoustics.

How will home viewing of AVATAR differ from viewing in theaters? Will the amazing effects and stunning visuals translate as well when not viewed on the big screen?

AVATAR Home Viewing

AVATAR home viewing has several possibilities. One is Blu-ray DVD with a conventional analog TVs. The other is on digital plasma, flat screen TVs from 32 to 60 or more inches in a home theater setup or on a 3D TV. The film is impressive viewed in any format. However, investing in the latest home theater technology has several advantages over conventional TV viewing including:

  • Sharper image resolution
  • More brilliant colors
  • Larger on-screen image size
  • Quadraphonic, surround sound
  • Screen and speaker arrangements to maximize the home viewing experience

With home viewing in 3D still to come, conventional TV AVATAR home viewing on DVD can improve with:

  • External speakers for improved sound
  • Controlled lighting to improve image contrast
  • Adjusting tv contrast and brightness
  • Arranging seating positions

As there are several other films available in 3D format or in the works, this may be the right time to invest in a 3D TV. This will allow you to truly experience AVATAR as it was meant to be in the comfort of your own living room!

AVATAR Home Viewing vs. Viewing AVATAR in Theaters

There are film formats available in theaters from 70mm to IMAX and 3D which offer a broader range of visual experience when watching AVATAR. Standard 2D formats, IMAX and 3D are currently available in theaters but not in home viewing yet.

Although viewing in theater has many advantages, recreating an AVATAR experience in your home is quickly becoming more and more possible with the advance of new technology, Blu-ray players and even 3D TV systems. But even if all you have is a basic TV and DVD player, it is certainly worth picking up a copy of AVATAR on DVD to watch with your friends and family!

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How is watching AVATAR at home different from what you saw in the theater?



Its about the same minus the 3D, which is much better than 2D, but my setup is not typical of most home theaters, I sit 12 feet back from my 110" screen (projector: Mitsubushi HC7000, 3LCD), and crank up the volume on my 7.1 sourround system using the DTS-HD track. The DTS mix is only 5.1 and I use an extened surround feature (THX-NRL) in my reciever to extend my surround channels to my surround back channels. I designed and built the theater during constuction of my house, the room is purpose built, it is in the basement under the garage and doubles as a tornado shelter, all of the walls and the ceiling are concrete with a sheetrock wall over that with sound absorbing material around the entire room, I built a wood floor over the concrete to have multiple seating levels and mainly to transmit bass from the sub and into your seat, so you actually can feel the bass. Some day I'll upgrade it to 3D by adding a second projector+polarization filters and a silver screen. And Yes, I am an extreme home theater enthusiast.

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Now that the DVD is out, the really big difference about watching AVATAR at home (rather than a theatre) is I can watch it at ANY TIME of the day or night. I love that aspect, but I still prefer the grandeur of a big screen presentation.

I'm so happy to have the AVATAR DVD at my doesn't get any better.

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