All the AVATAR DVD Release Information You Need to Know

5theoriesWhether you're someone who likes first releases or will simply buy anything AVATAR you are likely still looking for information on its DVD release. Here is the crucial AVATAR DVD release information that addresses everything you need to know before making your decision on the Earth Day initial AVATAR DVD release. Plan your AVATAR DVD viewing party around the facts about what the DVD will hold.

Guest post by Robin Raven

AVATAR has been a favorite since its 2009 release in movie theaters as one of the most imaginative and creative films ever. It's by far the most successful 3D film release ever. As of January 26, 2010, AVATAR had a worldwide gross of $2,550,560,068, making it the highest grossing movie of all time. The AVATAR 3D DVD release is sure to increase its standing in that area and in the hearts of viewers, who are touched by its simple, strong story of love and awed by the imaginary world which 3D technology helps the viewer become completely immersed in.

Here are some important facts about the initial Earth Day AVATAR DVD and future DVD releases that you should know before you buy:

Initial Release

AVATAR is going to be released on both Blu-Ray and DVD formats on April 22, 2010. Its Earth Day release is perfectly themed to the movie's magnified message about respecting the world around us. This allows fans the great opportunity to have Earth Day parties that are combined with screenings of the instant classic AVATAR.

James Cameron was straightforward in addressing why he chose April 22, 2010, the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, as his film's release date. As reported by, he stated, “I’m not trying to sell DVDs on the back of the hardship of the planet as much as I’m hoping that continued conversation surrounding AVATAR and these issues will elevate consciousness and help us get the things done that need to get done.”

Rumor vs. Truth

There have been lots of rumors going around about the AVATAR DVD release. One is that it is going to be released initially in 3D. However, James Cameron announced that it will be released only on 2D for its initial release. However, Cameron is keeping AVATAR in the same 1:78:1 (16:9) format that its theatrical version was in; he stated that was the best format for watching this film.

It has been assumed that there will be an AVATAR 3D DVD release later this year, as there is a second AVATAR DVD release planned for November 2010.

Special Features

The April 22 DVD and Blu-Ray releases of AVATAR will all include a code for viewers to sign up for at Avatar's official website. On this website, consumers can then adopt a tree that the Earth Day Network is going to plant around the world. Purchasers of the DVD who take this step will even receive a virtual tag, and they can use it to spot their tree's location wherever it is planted around the world.

So why do you want to get this initial AVATAR DVD release? The November release will have more features and special footage, but if you're a real AVATAR fan, you don't want to wait several months to experience all that the movie has to offer.

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Did you pre-order the AVATAR DVD or are you buying it in a store on or after Earth Day?


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I pre-ordered the Blu-Ray/DVD combo from Amazon three weeks ago. With the two-day shipping. :D


That sounds great, Aaron. Hope you enjoy watching it this weekend!


Great review Robin! I thoroughly enjoyed the read.


Thanks, Kathy. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. :-) Did you opt to get the DVD?

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