More AVATAR DVD Details Confirmed

AVATAR on DVD AVATAR will be released for DVD and Blu-ray on April 22. Better still, producer Jon Landau says it will have no trailers or anything else so as to save room for the best possible audio and video. Since April 22 is Earth Day, Landau and director James Cameron will kick off a tie-in environmental campaign at a press conference on March 23.

Expect to pay $30 for the DVD and $40 for the Blu-ray, with a full-featured, multi-disc Blu-ray to come in November while a 3D release lurks in the distant future. (And yes, Amazon is already taking pre-orders.) But won't this hurt the theatrical re-release? Not necessarily, because that version will have new footage, while the DVD will only feature the movie as originally released.

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With no extra footage planned, will you still get the 2D DVD or wait for 3D and extras?


Tsanten Anthony

I would get both! :-)

I've already ordered the Steelbook edition!

André (Styggwe)

Is that really a question? :D of course i will get them both, nice to have los of Avatar stuff on my shelf :)


i'll wait for the special blue ray
funny thing is i'll have to go buy a blue ray player just to see avatar

Taronyu Ta'em (Burrows)

I'll get both no doubt! In blue-ray

Account Deleted

Of will take me some time to save up for the 'extras' version. I'll buy them both, and give the first DVD to my grandchildren.


i plan to buy them all. i will get the dvd/blue ray combo in april. then buy the extended and 3d versions later. alredy spent over $200 on avatar, probably more, so why not spend some more?

Ayden Gotzmer

But WHY!!!!!??? I am not investing in 3-D home technology and Blue-Ray is ridiculously expensive.

This is ridiculous. But smart when it comes to marketing.

Still ridiculously unfair.

Simon May

Bit miffed we wont get the 40mins extra till novembar tbh that sucks!!!!

but will still get the blu-ray/dvd combo as its a must have.


I will buy them all. I've already pre ordered my copy and will be upgrading to Blu-Ray just for Avatar.

Account Deleted

I'd get the 2D DVD first and if they release one with extra footage, I'll get that as well. Not so sure about Blu-Ray and 3D cause I don't have a Blu-Ray player yet.


So... we will only get extras if we get the 3D version later.... am I reading that right?! Not happy if that is the case. We are not going to get a 3D TV so there is no point in getting the 3D version and I want extras!!! Kinda pisses off about this...


I'm going to try (try being the operative word) to hold out till the special edition with 40 extra minutes comes out. That's my holy grail.


No extra footage! i'll just grit my teeth and wait for the special edition to come out.....when will that be?


Is it possible for a future Avatar DVD to have the same quality and this one that is coming out and have extra features as well? I never had a tougher decision on which DVD to buy for a movie before XD


I will get the movie when the first day it comes out



does anyone know if there is going to be a special edition DVD, with all the extras and such? or only blue ray?

Alex Korovesis

No extra footage on a $40 copy of the movie? Anyone else feel ripped off?

Jake Sully

Steelbox on it's way to mee :D


I'll at least buy the 2D version, at least. I can't wait until the re-release in the theaters though.

Richard Hasey

At $30 for the 2D version with no extras, there's a strong temptation to get a pirated copy. After all, there still are a lot of folks out of work nowadays. I'll probably wait until after the 3D version with extras comes out and the price for the 2D version drops to $5.


I want the stereoscopic digital cinema package!!! I would buy and external hard drive loaded up with the movie in 2k stereoscopic plus a bunch of bonus content in the leftover space!


This next week on april 22 I'm geting the blu-ray disk

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