Coming Soon to Theaters: Extended AVATAR Re-Release

Bioluminescence AVATAR was chased from digital and IMAX 3D screens when Alice in Wonderland opened on March 5, but Alice won't hog those screens forever. That leaves James Cameron & Co. free to re-release AVATAR with previously unseen footage, probably this fall. IMAX theater owners should be happy to show a guaranteed hit like the re-release, particularly since Cameron to have 40 minutes of unseen footage and could add 10 minutes to the current run time, possibly including Jake enduring a Na'vi trial and Tsu'tey getting drunk (The rest of the 30 minutes will have to wait until the DVD). With any luck, the re-release could stay in theaters until Titanic 3D is released in 2012.

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Will you see AVATAR again in the theaters in the Fall?


Account Deleted

YES!!! I'll be there on re-opening night! :D

Steven58 (Chok'ete)

Absolutely, I will without a doubt. Just hope the film gets picked up in a theater near me once more =D.

Jarrod DiCarlo

can't wait for this! but i had no clue till 2012 2 more years in theaters is crazy!!! i think i might go broke =)


Most Definately! I would love to see it in IMAX again!

Tawtute Txen (slightpepper)

Just let me know the dates - and I'll be there - even if I have the DVD already, I'll be there

Jose Tomas



We should all go see it in IMAX! hahaha

Account Deleted

I'll prepay for the tickets if I have to.............EPIC theatre, SR207, St Augustine, Florida 32084

OR....IMAX @

Account Deleted

IMAX @ World Golf Hall of Fame St Augustine Florida 32084

Txon Taronyu

Definitely-The more scenes they add, the better it will be.

Avatarfan4eveRR (Rocky)

Life is good! There's so many wonderful things to look forward to with regards to AVATAR, and even the release of Titanic in 3D. Can hardly wait to re-live that amazing feeling and experience of seeing Avatar for the first time. Nothing can beat doesn't really go just settles in, in all of us, waiting for that moment once more.....

This will definitely win the hearts of billions of people, all over again, and again, and again... Guaranteed!


The more the better!! I cant wait!!


only in usa I suppose...

Tsanten Anthony

I am so happy that James is Going to have a chance to re-release the movie. - This is going to be Great!

Tsanten Anthony

Hurt Locker will never get a chance like this and it won Best Picture!

Arinjoy (Arin)

The more the better, i'm ready, we're ready, the Whole World's ready!!


I will be there!

Simon May

Do i really need to answer this ? of cause i will be going to watch it i just wish it was coming out in normal 3D with the extra 40 mins of cut scenes!


I am content to wait for the Blu-ray 3-D version. While Avatar is one of my favorites, I love all kinds of movies and hope to broaden my range. I've seen hundreds of movies and own over a hundred but there are so many out there. There might even be one as good as Avatar........


this will be so amazing!! i will most definitely go see it as many times as i can!! =]


Titanic 3-D? Huh...well anyway...I'm so excited for the re-release! I haven't seen Avatar in ages!


I will Definitely go to the theater, put on my 3d glasses and see my favorite movie of all time again!


I definitely will! You can guarantee i will be back to see it in theaters, many, many times. This film was MADE for the big screen and i would never miss a chance to see it there.


Yes, of course! I felt already sad, because most cinemas here around stopped showing it and I thought I could never see it again on the big screen. A re-release in fall is really good news and the more added scenes we can see, the better!


Never heard of a re-release of a movie before...I will see it one more time in IMAX, hopefuly it will be enough to last me until the sequel, or not is a great experence none the less. One i am not likely to forget :)

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