How Much of an AVATAR Fan Are You?

Half Is AVATAR your favorite movie of all time (or at least in your top 10)? How many times have you seen it? And do you find yourself dreaming about Pandora and the Na'vi?

Take this AVATAR Typepad Community survey and tell us more about yourself, your favorite characters, what you love about AVATAR, and whether you're planning to get the DVD. We'll use the results to improve this site and bring more relevant content and features to the AVATAR Typepad Community.

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Jarrod DiCarlo

avatar is easily my number one movie, ive seen it 5 times and i try to dream about it but its harder than i thought it would be and have been unsucceful in dreaming bout it :\


Avatar is easily #1 on my list and that's if i even have one. i've seen this movie 3 times in theaters and that's a lot for me. as far as dreaming, i day dream about it at least once daily if not all day.

Captain Jackle (nathan)

Well, I'm defiantly a huge fan, i have seen ti 9 times, i want to get all the art books, and when i get to it get a poster and put it on my wall. I talk about this movie way to much, and its hard not to, my friends and family some think im crazy others are like dude i dodn'y blame you go for it. Im planning on taking a trip out west now to go see Avatar II on the premiere night, which i think would be soooo cool!


We here at "I see you" are slightly obsessed with Avatar I would say. Somehow I want to be connected to it - the story points beyond itself to a world we can believe in...does that make any sense? Definitely my #1 and surprisingly so, because normally I'm one for slow moving French films.


Number #1 Movie! :D


Yes my fav movie ever!! My girlfriend actually gets mad cus i talk about it all the time. I like so many things about the movie, like seriously no one could understand... like nature of course... half my life seriously has been spent outside(yes i have a home, and its good too :D) I spend so much time in the woods, or at the lake anywhere really with nature. They have respect for nature and their clan, family comes second only behind god to me. I love hunting sooo much... but i love animals too. So whenever I hit my hunt I always say a prayer for it to be with good (oh yea and I use a bow too -switchback). Im very very spiritual... and my major is environmental science :D peace!!

Account Deleted

Definitely #1 in my list, will stay #1 until AVATAR2 comes out. Can't wait for the DVD/Blue-Ray, so that I can see the cut scenes...


I wish I could see it much more than I have, but it costs to much for me :(
But when it comes out, I gonna buy it on Blue-Ray and see it like every day :P

jack balbi

yer easly the best film i've ever seen, i've seen it twice but im going to watch it more times when i get it on blue-ray (3D & 2D) hope its as good in 3D as it is in the cinema coz 3D was amazing. yer i dream about it most of the time but wot i dream about is if you could really do that.

Account Deleted

AVATAR is the best film i've ever seen! I've seen it 3 times! And now i'm waiting for the DVD to watchit so many times!


Best film I've ever seen. Fact!

Steven58 (Chok'ete)

Yes..Avatar is the best film I've ever seen. It's captivated me and changed me and has really made me see people and the world in a whole new light.

Fantastic cinematography and film at it's finest. Great job J.C =)


I loved the movie, but, before I place it on my list of best all-time movies, I want to see if Avatar will stand the test of time. I'll wait twenty years and see if it's still acclaimed.

Its to easy to "be in the moment" so to speak.

Daniel Ramsey

Avatar has a sure place in my Top Ten movies. Probably #1. For now...


I have seen AVATAR 20 times and i still go and see it becuase i work at a movie theater, this movie will be my best movie it top any thing i have seen before. better than star wars, and star trek

Ayden Gotzmer

The AVATAR movie (and the movies sure to come) have inspired and enlightened me. I have seen it three times now and keep wanting to go back for more! Agreeing with an above poster, AVATAR is a bit hard to dream about, but after reading the script things made much more sense. I dream about the Na'vi every night now since I've seen it. The world Cameron has opened us up to is fantastic!

P.S-> Do you think we could get some really awesome AVATAR novels? (Not like kiddie novels where they just summarize, but real, in-depth stuff like....Star Wars!)


I'm a huge fan! I would easily pay $100 to go see it once. Then I would come back and watch it again the next day. It's definatly my favorite movie. I've seen it 8 times. I dream of Pandora fairly often and their the best dreams I have ever had.


I want to see a lot of Sequels, the continuation of Jake Sully and Neytiris relationship, plus the sequels must be better than the other avatar movies.


Yes! Avatar is my favorite movie of all time. I've seen it 5 times so far and hope to see it again while it's still in theaters. The positive messages in the film reinforced my personal beliefs, I had begun to lose hope in humanity. Furthermore, I think the themes in the film could make the world a better place if we as humans adopted them. That's why this movie is favorite of all time, it has a message and it's entertaining.

Moreover, I had never returned to a theater to watch a movie more than once and Avatar is the first film where I did such a thing. That's how I knew that this more than a movie for me, it gave me hope. In fact, I have the 27x40 movie poster framed in my apartment. I can not explain what this movie has meant to me.


I love film and NA,VI too. I too dreaming how uniltsmukan. And If someone have contac with James cameron plz give me I thinks the admins have. my email [email protected]

muiƤ tute

Avatar is definetly my favorite movie ( but i haven't seen number 2 yet, or 3 for that matter) of all time and i lost count of how many times i saw it somewhere near 14

I try to stay on top of movies. It seems that I find most recent movies lacking something. I am also extremely well at figuring movies out within the first 15-30 min. So I kinda ruin it for myself lol. But... with this movie, I didn't care if I knew how it would end. The end no longer mattered. I was so absorbed with this movie that i sat through its entirety (3D version) with a full bladder and didnt even budge. This movie touches on so many parts on so many levels, that you cant help but fall into it. I've heard some strange thing on local radio stations about ppl becoming depressed after seeing this movie and thought nothing of it. Now I see why and how it can have such an impact on someone. This is my all time favorite movie and will be probably till its my time to pass on. But one thing I think I have figured out is why so many ppl are enthralled by it. It shows how ppl should be. How a man and woman should be and their devotion to each other. How a family, a community should be. Why do so many want Pandora to be real? Well its because we have made our world the opposite of it. Exactly how man in the film has done. I really do hope that they do little to no cutting going from the big screen to dvd, and hoping that they have it in 3D. Thank you James Cameron for bringing this vision to the world. Maybe it will help ppl to realize some real truths about how we really are.


This movie by far is the best movie in the entire world...Words cant explain how much of a great movie this is. Lets just say that my goal is to have a blue roomed Movie Theater in my house with a huge screen dedicated to this movie...the dvd should come in 3d as well because watching the movie in IMAX 3D is simply the best way to see this movie...It was so jaw dropping!!!!! I actually placed myself in the movie as an avatar (Chetarilyh) and I could feel the excitement, the pain, the laughter, the spirit of the Navi people...omg I am so flustered and high off of this movie...People everywhere need to see it and I will let people know that til the day I die!!! Yes its that serious!!! It is sooooooo amazing...ooohhhh maann...everything about it every single bit of the movie it so pure, beautiful, and exhilarating!!! 20 stars!!!!


I was at first worrying about seeing this movie whether it would be good. But I watched the trailer and have now seen this movie four times. This says that no one should ever underestimate how good a movie will be before it comes out. I love this movie it is for sure my absolute no questions asked number one favourite movie. I only wish I could have had some role in it. Perhaps even if the scenarios had happened. It would have been intoxicating to be on Pandora. With the lovely forest and all.

Best movie ever in my opinion. I will definately see it more times and buy the DVD's.

Rachelle Aireyan

Avatar is like my NUMBER ONE favorite movie of ALL time =) I've only watched it four times (three times in 3D and once in 2D,) but I plan on watching it a couple of more times while it's still in theatres! If Pandora was real my life would be perf. I wish I was a Na'vi! I can't wait till this gets on DVD!

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