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Barbrawl The AVATAR script reveals some background about the AVATAR world including sex, drugs and suicide. But lots happens before the movie's events take place and producer Jon Landau says James Cameron wants to write a prequel novel: "Sigourney teaching at the schoolhouse. Jake on Earth, and his back-story and how he came here, and Tommy, Jake's brother." The possibilities are endless. Cameron could flesh out the Na'vi beyond the movie's "noble redskin" stereotypes and even show something besides evil white guys and noble blue guys, but could just as easily blast right-wing critics. Or explain how unobtainium really got its name. Or write himself in as a Na'vi character. The good news: Cameron hopes to have the book done by the end of the year.

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What questions about life before AVATAR would you like to see answered in the prequel?



Noooo, not a prequel!! SEQUEL!

Account Deleted

1) How did the Na'vi come to know Eywa ?.
2) When did the first Tsaheylu take place ? Not sexually...but with the animals, and when they (Na'vi) are seated in prayer, or when they join with the sacred trees ?. Pandora's "Genesis" as it were.
3) How is a Chief chosen ? Tsa'hik ? I know Jake was deemed the new leader because Tsu'tey chose Jake just before he died.
4) I would like to see the other animals...land, water, sky.
5) Describe the relationship of Pandora's "tribes"
6) Who was the first brave Na'vi that found that Ikran's could be ridden...and the second (poor Na'vi) that discovered that same Ikran would only fly with one hunter "for whole life" OOPs
7) Jake's story spanned a little more than three months...Does Pandora have seasons ???
8) How long (by Earth months) is Pandora's year.
9) Is there an area on Pandora that is completely uninhabitable ? Too Cold, Always Dark, etc. ?
One more.....the floating mountains have waterfalls. ??? It's a beautiful effect but .....where is the source ?


This book will be my perfect Christmas gift!
Most of my answers are already mentioned above: Jake's background story on earth (maybe even something about his life as a marine), more about his life on earth, his brother Tommy and their relationship. More about the story how Pandora was discovered, how the human colony was build up and how humans and na'vi got in contact first. Then how the first Avatars were developed, how they were received by the na'vi and how the school started.
I think possibilities are actually endless, but these are my most important questions.
Nevertheless, I still hope that a lot of the deleted scenes will be included in the DVD/Blue Ray. Actually I think that possibilities are good, because a lot of pictures and the complete script were released and curiosity is now really huge.


Can't wait for the novel, for 3D TVs and for AVATAR to be released on DVD/Blu ray :-)

Saw the movie for the 3rd time at the cinema tonight, and just posted on my blog, the seven stages to AVATAR movie-viewing heaven:


Ayhan B.

I hope James Cameron at least comes out with cover art for the book soon. That way, at least I can preorder the book. This is one book I'm not missing!

Vince Gerretz

The Prequel has a lot of pathways and they should be explored. We should not forget the consequences of what Jake and the Na-vi did to this mining outpost. Do you think the Corporation will not come back with greater determination and weapons to take the "Unattainium" that is so highly valued? I would be surprised that they do not.

So, part of the Prequel could also cover how the Corporation came into power and what they have done to get there.

I maybe stretching when I say this could become the newest epic series of movies like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. I think it has that much potential. I have so many story lines that I have been thinking about that I am sure James Cameron has already thought of them and then some. Looking forward to seeing where this will take us.



More Avatar = More Fun !
Can't wait for that book :D


It has already been noted, I think somewhere else here, that Cameron has already mapped out the film sequels. Every major figure involved is already signed on and the software is still set up.Therefore, he has time to do both projects. I'm estimating episode 2 to be released Chrismas 2011 or Summer 2012.


By the way, I've been looking for whatever Native comedian Charlie Hill(remember him?) might have been saying about all this. He's still here(on Dubya: "We call him Walking Eagle because he's so full of s---, he can't fly no more."), but so far nothing.


Gail: I thought that the waterfall effect might be from accumulated water pouring off from precipitation, condensation or both; we just happened to be "be there" the moment it happened. It it can't be explained like that and nothing else is plausible, waterfalls should be dropped like they never happened. As for the seasons, this is a tropical rain forest. Pandora may have temperate zones, and Cameron will probably elaborate further, but we may not see them unless future stories call for travel, like migration. Do the Omaticaya migrate and if they do, how far?

A lot of preceding events have been touched on in the movie and online script. I hope everything is accounted for and put together right.


> What questions about life before AVATAR would you like to see answered in the prequel?

Isn't it obvious? The Na'vi are perfect ... too perfect. The fibre-optic device they have which can transmit thoughts across species are the give-away, as it's difficult to see how these can have evolved naturally. The whole Pandoran environment is a high-tech artificial creation. Because the Na'vi look like a hunter-gatherer tribe, we've been seduced into thinking that they never evolved civilisation. James Cameron has fooled us into thinking he's promoting an unspoilt paradise here!

But clearly the Na'vi had a civilisation very similar to ours, even more technologically advanced, which restored Pandora to a carefully engineered wilderness state. The species split into two branches, one of which forgot its origins, the other of which is probably still there, tending the artificial paradise it created thousands, maybe millions of years ago. Where are they? Maybe somewhere on Pandora, or in floating colonies in the atmosphere of the gas giant. And don't forget Alpha Centauri B, with planets of its own -- they could be based there now.

What happens when the human explorers meet the real masters of Pandora, so much more technologically advanced than they are?

Yes, you tried to seduce us into going along with the idea of the noble savage, unspoilt by progress. But if you want an unspoilt paradise, then you first have to evolve the genetics and the planetary engineering to create that paradise!


Interesting hypothesis. The techno-Navi would not have any reason to intervene as long as they knew Eywa would loose that zoological flash mob on RDA's private army.

On the other hand, it could also be that Eywa's neural system is connected on land and sea and therefore, she adapt and repair herself even with tectonic shifts. I really like the idea: Regional, national and global connections have been evolving for centuries; the internet is now the state of the art and is just about everywhere; but on Pandora, we see a natural global network that connects nearly or all living things.


I'd like to see the first recon mission -- the one where Humans actually set foot on Pandora for the first time. How they decided to go to Pandora, what munched Quaritch, and see the slow disintegration of the relations between the Na'vi and the humans. Grace becoming embittered. How long as she been there? All that stuff.

Tarya *SpiritualDreamwalker*

i have goosebumps!


@ Germanvenezuelanlife
waaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiit.....Where did it say Jake had a heroin addiction? That wasn't in the script! Was it? *scratches head*


Anything Avatar related is fine by me. I just hope that anything adding to the "world" of Avatar will be of the same quality as the movie! It is by James Cameron so I don't think I'll be let down. I wonder if it will contain anything relating to the sequel? I hope it does, but then again I don't because I want to go into the sequel with the same amount of "unknowingness" as I did with the first!


Yes please prequel and sequel and next sequel and prequel THIS FILM IS AMAZING AWESOME NICE BEST film on "this" world.

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INSIDER TIP: Looks like Sam Worthington will play the character "SNAKE PLISSKEN" in a prequel to the film "ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK"

Account Deleted

INSIDER TIP: Looks like Sam Worthington will play the character "SNAKE PLISSKEN" in an upcoming prequel to the film "ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK"


I heard a rumour that Avatar's script was a rip-off from pokahantis. is this true? I sure don't beleve it.

Richard Hasey

The Prequel could be interesting. It's good to know that you're only doing it as a book, as the movie would take too long and would no doubt adversely impact the production of the Avatar 2 Sequel.

Loved the technology and the cinamatography of the movie. Breathtaking stuff! It's too bad that the storyline was so predictable. The blending of "Pocahontas" with "Dances with Wolves" with "Ferngully", was fun, but nowhere near as ground breaking as it could have been. If you want a storyline that's worthy of the technology, let me know.


I'd be absolutely thrilled for this. Reading the scriptment Fox released was such an incredible bonus; delving even further into the world of Pandora was truly exciting. A full-blown novel would blow my mind. For everyone who's clamoring for the franchise films before the book, think about how much we all want backstory before another film. As exciting as Avatar was, it was something all of us went into completely unprepared for. Knowing it as fully as we do now, imagine how much stronger or deeper of an experience we'll have with the following films knowing all the little supporting details of the plot as mapped out concretely in a book.

Cameron is a master; I'm sure whatever he releases will simply support the film already released as well as provide a path for the sequels to continue along. I'd be pumped for that.


I hope the sequel movie teaches Jake how to cure his 'race's insanity!!


I never thought of a prequel-novel, but I REALLY like that idea.

Genius idea

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