AVATAR Prequel Coming Soon

Barbrawl The AVATAR script reveals some background about the AVATAR world including sex, drugs and suicide. But lots happens before the movie's events take place and producer Jon Landau says James Cameron wants to write a prequel novel: "Sigourney teaching at the schoolhouse. Jake on Earth, and his back-story and how he came here, and Tommy, Jake's brother." The possibilities are endless. Cameron could flesh out the Na'vi beyond the movie's "noble redskin" stereotypes and even show something besides evil white guys and noble blue guys, but could just as easily blast right-wing critics. Or explain how unobtainium really got its name. Or write himself in as a Na'vi character. The good news: Cameron hopes to have the book done by the end of the year.

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What questions about life before AVATAR would you like to see answered in the prequel?



This is gone be great, i hope, james cameron writing that's new


Can't wait for it but i really hope they are gonna make a sequel too!

Belle Lou

"What questions about life before AVATAR would you like to see answered in the prequel?"

more about the creation of the Avatar world & what has kept them isolated prior to events in the movie & what life was like there previously & how was Signorney Weaver's Avatar character able to become accepted by the AVATAR clan before Jake arrived.




i think in the prequel jake is gonna be this badass marine who has killed a lot of innocent people and lives with a burden on his back...remember in the film when he and the lead scientist beg the company leader to NOT destroy the hometree. i believe the scientist says " your gonna kill innocent women and children" then jake says "you don't want that kind of blood on your hands...trust me" thats almost a sign that jake has killed innocent people before...just somethin to think about

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I have some fears about this.
I think it's too early to show us more about the story, this short-time creation can be less interesting than the Avatar movie (that got more than 10 years to be ready).
Well, let's wait and see

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