AVATAR Prequel Coming Soon

Barbrawl The AVATAR script reveals some background about the AVATAR world including sex, drugs and suicide. But lots happens before the movie's events take place and producer Jon Landau says James Cameron wants to write a prequel novel: "Sigourney teaching at the schoolhouse. Jake on Earth, and his back-story and how he came here, and Tommy, Jake's brother." The possibilities are endless. Cameron could flesh out the Na'vi beyond the movie's "noble redskin" stereotypes and even show something besides evil white guys and noble blue guys, but could just as easily blast right-wing critics. Or explain how unobtainium really got its name. Or write himself in as a Na'vi character. The good news: Cameron hopes to have the book done by the end of the year.

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What questions about life before AVATAR would you like to see answered in the prequel?


Wesley Mills


Jake Sully


Account Deleted

sweet i look forwar in reading :)


That is good news, I actually posted that some time ago, got the news from MTV movie news, so again something to look forward too, the whole Avatar world in a book....




Prequel fiim?? no thanks!!!!!

Alex Korovesis

"Jon Landau says James Cameron wants to write a prequel novel"
Novel people, novel, not a film. However, how about writing the script for the next movie and uh, making the next movie please?


Uh HELL YES, however, agreed with Alex.


wow seriously?? i want a sequel not a prequel..... damn i am sad about this....


@ alex i agrre with you...


I wanna hear about Jakes heroin addiction and what kind of tabaco the Na'Vi smoke.

Leila Thomas

Actual I think a prequel is a pretty good idea and has a lot more scope then what happens after the current movie. After all Jake has already won the heart of Netiri and another conflict with the humans would just be repeating the same story line. So interesting too that you get to see what jakes twin brother was like.

Simon May

I look faword to reading this, will be very intresting.

Why are some of you lot not reading the above right. its not a prequel film its a novel!! (Book)

Nephi Shields

"What questions about life before AVATAR would you like to see answered in the prequel?"

I would want to see the first human-na'vi interaction/na'vi discovery.

Nephi Shields

Or first avatar


I would like to read about the actual discovery of Pandora and Unobtainum. Also the development of the ship that took Jake to Pandora, and RDA's work else where - like recruiting Tommy, developing treatments, etcs.

Nawma Atan

Wow.. I'm totally looking forward to this. =)

Ayden Gotzmer

This is awesome! Just what I've been waiting for! yay!



Steven58 (Chok'ete)

Oh dear god I want this book once it comes out. =D

Account Deleted

Woot woot! :P

Account Deleted


End of the year! *does a celebration dance*
Can't wait! Best news I've heard for a while :D

muiä tute

i believe books are brilliant but it would be better to have a pre-quel movie

Account Deleted

Really gotta buy the book!!!

Account Deleted

A Prequel Novel or animation movies, like they did with Batman?
It’s good for the fans that want to know more about how it all began.

I only want to see a Sequel, when the script is done right. I see no point in a hasty sequel done in 1 ½.

Let it take 2 – 3 years if that’s what it takes to make it worthy AVATAR 2 movie.

If that is the case, then a novel is a great idea.

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