AVATAR DVD Arriving on Earth Day?

Pandora distant AVATAR is still number four in box-office sales, but James Cameron tells MTV that there'll be three AVATAR DVDs: a 2-D version slated for a June 30 release, then a special edition and a 3-D Blu-ray DVD. (He also told the Wall Street Journal the release would happen on Earth Day—April 22; stay tuned for definitive release dates.) Luckily, Samsung, Panasonic. Sony and others will start selling 3-D TVs ahead of any AVATAR 3-D edition. So will viewers shell out for the bare-bones 2-D version when a special edition and a 3-D release are coming soon? And which edition will have alien sex scenes? What we do know is that even the 2-D release of the DVD will have plenty of never-before-seen footage.

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Will you get the first release or wait for the full 3-D version?


Steven58 (Chok'ete)

I'll wait for the one that is the special edition/blue ray.

Tom Andersen

I will not buy a 3D tv to see 3D movies like Avatar.

Buy your self a projector and a the stuff you need for it.

Then you get the Cinema Experiense home and ofc you do get abit better pictures and sound if you got the equipment for it.

Atleast in my country it cost the same to buy a projector and the stuff you need to use it.

for a 50-60 size Hd tv (dont remember the word on eng) Depend on the qual on the tv.
Same prize for a High quality projector HD whit 3D opportunities

Atleast here we get a High quality projector HD whit 3D opportunities and the side stuff we need for a good prize.

The funny thing is you get a 150-500 sized screen to see your fun (depend on the size of the wall you can use it. ( bigger the screen more money you have to pay for a item you need. ) ( dont remember the word )

And a bonus is you can also see Tv whit a projector (how cool is that? )
Some more bonuses you can set up your Pc,Blueray,TV,Ps3,xbox, Wee what ever you want as well,, its a Big screen to have fun whit

If you are planing to get a play room / cinema room get your self a Projector not a lazy small tv ;)

I have used my projector in 4 years 3-10h each day to have my fun whit... play games / Movies so on
total i get A BIG SCREEN for the same prize as a small tv ....

my Mom and Dad Buyed a 50 sized Hd tv for a higher prize then my projector i Got better pictures on tv modus then the Tv they buyed

That tells alot dont it?

Only thing that may cost some to have a projector is 1 only thing its the Bulb if i got the word right.
Its A life time on the bulbs they cost some to replace.... But still i havent changed any yet and i have a good time on my Bulb so far whit 3-10h each day for 4 years.

Atleast thats what i have to advise.

When Avatar comes on Blueray 3D
i actually will see Avatar first time on 3D

just 1 place in my country whit 3D cinema its so huge line to get in there and a long way to go so i got a good guess this movie will come on 3D and i got quite happy when that news came :D

Have fun folks

Richard Hasey

I'll buy the 2-D version, and then wait to see how well my book sales do before examining the cost of the 3-D equipment.


I'll buy whichever version has the most extended content. If that's the Blu-ray 3D version, fine. The article about the Samsung TVs said you could still watch it in full HD in 2D. I'd go for that; what's most appealing to me is all the extra content: director's commentaries, deleted scenes, 'making of' footage, and the rest. I can't say that I'll get it right on release, because my semester won't be over and I won't have time to enjoy it fully. The minute I'm free though, I'll be all over it. Just the same as it was with the movie, I didn't see it until January when I was on break but I saw it three times in 5 days.

Zeretulas Aketuan

I want the blue ray special edition man :D Greatest movie and the on blue ray!!!


I will get every DVD for Avatar, All tough I only have a 25 year old, laptop sized screen TV, and a PS2 DVD player :)

Angelika Fijałkowska

Can't wait to get it and that's true this is a great movie whether in 3D or not.


I cant wait im gonna buy all the editions!!!!!


I want all the editions!!!


im gonna get them all


I think i am gonna buy all the editions


I wish they would release a 3D digital download along with the dvd/blu-ray on the 22nd mainly for 3D enthusiasts, this would be a good format: http://3dtv.at/Products/Player/Index_en.aspx or nvidia 3D.

What would be super awesome is if they would sell the actual Digital Cinema Package on hard drive or download to any enthusiast who wanted to buy it, I'd pay up to $60 for the DCP plus whatever additional for the delivery medium, if it was unencrypted I could play it back on easyDCP. Yes, I'm that big of a fan, if I could get a 2k resoultion 3D copy I would probably die of excitement! 3D Blu-ray is just way to far out there, I'd be rather suprised if they had it ready by november.


I already figured out how to make my own dual-projector 3D home theater, and as of now I could play the Avatar game in 3D on it.

Craig Campbell

If ever a movie required Blu-ray, it's Avatar. And regardless of how the Oscars turned out, Avatar IS the Best Picture of the year, and for me, of all time!


It does not matter to me. I will buy each version, that's how much I love Avatar. It changed my life and gave me hope.

Patricia Campbell

I will get all that come out and I will start saving for the 3D TV. So maybe James Cameron can give us all ideas on how to create jobs. Sounds like he is doing exactly that with the demand for his movie.

Account Deleted

I keep telling you.....the 2D will surprise you... The Blu-Ray is the best available, and the 3D won't be released until Cameron is satisfied with the technology that is available on the open market. Which is a remarkable and considerate gesture. 1245est3/16

Account Deleted

You've know of 'selective hearing' ? Well, I suffer from 'selective reading'.
This particular blog has been up since Feb.20..and I, just now, completely understand what the blog is telling us AND asking us. I quote the last paragraph:

"So will viewers shell out for the bare-bones 2-D version when a special edition and a 3-D release are coming soon? And which edition will have alien sex scenes? What we do know is that even the 2-D release of the DVD will have plenty of never-before-seen footage. "

Ah well, we now know the 3D release date is being held back. 3D does not interest me as much as it does others, so that aspect (of the DVD releases) I won't address.

2D is my area of interest.. YES, I will buy the bare bones DVD....then buy a special edition release at a later date.

I'm disappointed (in myself) that I am unable to resist the (bare bones) carrot, FOX is dangling before me.....but, I can't. I,simply, must have the movie in my home....ASAP.......Thank You


I like the idea of the "just the movie" blue-ray. I want Avatar to look as good as possible!

But I'll probably buy everything.

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