AVATAR DVD Arriving on Earth Day?

Pandora distant AVATAR is still number four in box-office sales, but James Cameron tells MTV that there'll be three AVATAR DVDs: a 2-D version slated for a June 30 release, then a special edition and a 3-D Blu-ray DVD. (He also told the Wall Street Journal the release would happen on Earth Day—April 22; stay tuned for definitive release dates.) Luckily, Samsung, Panasonic. Sony and others will start selling 3-D TVs ahead of any AVATAR 3-D edition. So will viewers shell out for the bare-bones 2-D version when a special edition and a 3-D release are coming soon? And which edition will have alien sex scenes? What we do know is that even the 2-D release of the DVD will have plenty of never-before-seen footage.

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Will you get the first release or wait for the full 3-D version?



I'll probably end up getting both :)


I'm really looking forward to the special edition.....however nothing is yet put in stone so we'll have to see what happens.


i want a blue-ray special edition!


Would you have to buy a 3D tv to be able to view Avatar in 3D? I would love to get Avatar on the special edition blu-ray with 3D, but I don't want to have to get a new tv.


I will almost definitely get both. :D Avatar and the LOTR movies are among the few where I feel completely justified in wanting to get my hands on every disc of special features out there.


YES! So excited!

John Marshall

I hate to sound like a cynic, but I hope the alien sex isn't a big selling point for the Special Edition. :P

Arinjoy (Arin)

yeah, i agree. I'm just going to buy both!


Ugh. I never saw Avatar in 2-D and I'm scared to. But if I want the 3-D DVD then I have to buy a 3-D TV? If only I had the money...

Tarya *SpiritualDreamwalker*

I wanna pre-order..


Articles around the web have been updated with Fox stating, "3D is in the conceptual stage and Avatar will not be out on 3D Blu-ray in November."

Simon May

I will be getting it on all formats TBH just to b e sure i dont miss anything lol .

Account Deleted

All I care about is getting everything that is offered. If I must buy a 2nd or 3rd DVD because each has something the others don't....then so be it I'll buy 'em all.


I'll be getting whichever one comes out the soonest and rest if they have more footage, shit I might even have to get a new tv and a blu ray just for AVATAR!!!!


What I want to know is, for those of us who can't afford some flashy 3D TV set, can we still watch the special edition with extra 40 minutes on our regular TVs? Cuz I am SOOOOO not settling for only 10 minutes cut scenes. Give me the whooooole taco!

Wouldn't a 3D dvd play funny on a normal TV - like all red, blue, blurry?


This film is Best film forever and my new favourite :) please "Avatar 2 "

Ayden Gotzmer

I'm looking forward to this! Unfortunately, I can't shell out X amount of money for a 3-D TV set just for AVATAR. I hope that the bonus features included on the 3-D set will also be included on the 2-D set...or I am going to be very, very sad.


I need a new TV... Why not get a 3D ready one then and blu ray...


I'm going to get someone to buy all versions for me, and a 3D TV and a blu-ray player, and now I will drift out of this wish-list dream world!! :-)

Ashley Holland

this is proby what you would have to get to see the 3d i don't think it's a new tv lol but it's a new blue ray http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/06/samsungs-2010-blu-ray-players-bring-3d-transparency-and-thinness/

Samsung's 2010 Blu-ray players bring 3D, transparency & thinness

Account Deleted

I don't have money to buy a 3D TV or a TV compatible with Blu-ray, I'm gonna have to be happy with the 2D special edition.


OMG this movie is the most AMAZING thing i have ever seen! james cameran is a GENIOS! i can"t wit to get it on DVD! and plus i hope i can dream about it and turn in to one! also there is a girl who killed theirselfs just to go to pandora in heaven, she probly didn"t go there! i hope I don't end up like her! YIKES! but anyway, AWESOME movie!

Tawtute Txen (slightpepper)

I can actually see myself buying all the versions - especially if I need to buy any special equipment like the 3D TVs which I can't yet afford, but at least I'll have the movie for when I can afford the TV


My home theater uses a Sanyo projector and 100 inch screen. First, I want the blu-ray 2D version for the hi-res stunning graphics and colors of Pandora and the 5.1 surround sound. I will also get the blu-ray 3D version and upgrade my home theater system to see Avatar with the projector and 100 inch screen. I may get a larger screen and I will have to get the new player or projector with the infrared emitter for the 3D glasses to work. Maybe I should come up with a USB emitter that works with my current blu-ray player. Maybe new blu-ray players will come with a built-in emitter and I will be able to keep the current Sanyo 1080p projector. Also, please see my post today in the 'Script' download blog for improving on Neytiri and Jakes love scene for the blu-ray release. Go with Eywa

Account Deleted

AVATAR looks great in 3D. But for me AVATAR is a great movie with or without the 3D effect.
I just want the Blu-ray SE and when the 3D version comes I maybe buy that as well.

I will buy a 3D TV, when it has become closer to be a standard for more consol games and movies.
I love AVATAR, but buying a overprice TV just for that, I will not. Have my 100Hz Sony Bravia We5 that works just fine.

But I hope that it will keep improve, so it will become even better in the next 5 years.

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