The Complete AVATAR Script Online

Avatar growing2 Fox has taken the unusual step of posting the entire AVATAR script online (PDF), allowing fans to see what was cut (the already-notorious Jake-Neytiri sex scene) as well as some boozy male bonding and stereotypes of NRA members that have drawn right-wingers' attention. At one point Tsu'tey has his ponytail—and thus his connection with Pandora—cut off by an RDA soldier, and asks Jake to kill him.

Some scenes from the script were shot and might make it into the DVD, such as Jake Sully's pre-Pandora life. Other highlights from the script including details about Neytiri's sister (Silwanin) here. And if the Vatican hates AVATAR now, just imagine how much they would have liked the original version of the movie that included pre-marital tentacle sex! Relevant parts of the hookup are excerpted here.

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Will you read or have you read the AVATAR script?


Account Deleted

Thanks to the webmaster for the post! But I think the sex scene is bit over hyped. From what I can tell, it's really more emotionally intimate than sexual. But I'm all for boozy male bonding, suds and buds. I'm kinda glad Tsu`tey didn't get his thing-a-ma-jig cut off. If I'm him, I'd rather die fighting. (That RDA soldier must be a descendant of Elaine Bobbitt.)


I read the script and loved it. I really hope that they add all the stuff they cut or changed to the dvd/blu-ray like how LOTR did. Even if the movie is 3+ hours long I don't mind I just want all that extra stuff they cut I think it will really complete the movie.

Account Deleted

I what to get the DVD but i hope they can put all the cutout stuff and add it but i hope it on standard DVD with the full movie on it.

if you now what type of DVD are going to have all the seance in place tell me thank you.


I also read the script and believe it would make a lot of sense to add (at least some of) the deleted scenes (like Jake's pre-Pandora life, some scenes with Grace and the details of Silwanin). For the sex scene I agree with David. Me too, I understand it more emotionally intimate than sexual. I hope the scenes will be included in the movie and not added as a bonus, even if this makes it 4 hours long!

The Muse

From an MTV James Cameron interview talks about the DVD with regards to the director's cut and special edition. The director's cut is what you see in theaters, he clarifies.

"The 'director's cut' is what we release," Cameron said. "What we do is we do a special edition, where you could select a longer version of the film that has some scenes reinstated. But it's really more of a fan version than a director's version.

"[The fan version] will be 10 or 12 minutes longer," he revealed. "Something like that."


I agree with David, I think the sex scene is over hyped. Heck, I'm not looking forward to seeing it. But what I do want to see is how Earth looks like in 2154.

Steven58 (Chok'ete)

I love the original script is utterly amazing. I don't see why everyone makes a big deal out of the sex scene. It's not really that bad at all and really adds more depth and emotion to Jake and Neytiri's relationship with one another. I was really moved by it and it showed just how much they really cared for one another. The script really has a lot of dialog between the characters fleshing them out more and making them more human (so to speak) and really shows the tension, frustrations, and emotions with all of them.

It was an amazing script and how to see some (hopefully most) of the deleted scenes on the DVD or what not.

Jarrod DiCarlo

i have to agree with steven58 i found the sex scene to just show how much they really cared for eachother and helps express theirs emotions for on another, i also agree with 96mermaid i would love for them to add the scenes they left out in the movie but were in the script i was impressed wtih the script and i though the ritiual to becomeing a man was a bit more detailed and i liked that i would't mind the movie to be longer. And again to agree with steven58 i think the dialouge in the script but left out of the movie made it more entertaining but also deeper. (take that however you will)

Account Deleted

I like it. it adds more to the story.

The sex scene is over hyped. Every time someone hear that word, they just HAVE to make a big deal out of something so simple as SEX... WTF!? It's the most normal thing on this planet god damnit o_0'


Great post! Thanks for the update.


When I saw the scene between Jake and Neytiri in the movie I thought to myself that this looks like a "normal" human love scene, Na'vi sex must be different, this ponytail sync instantly came to my mind, so I am wondering why he didn't leave it in, but then he probably wanted to retain some extra "hot" material for the dvd/blue-ray release.

Jarrod DiCarlo

well im sure he was kinda on the break of it being pg-13 as well with the violence even though i didn't mind it i've people saying it to be a tad to violent its boils down to opinions i guess.


@David Scott Jaggers
you may not see Tsu`tey get his Queue cut off but it does happen, he does survive getting shot and Jake does kill him "to set him free" how else would Jake become clan leader, you may not see it but it enplanes the story much better.

Eric Kyle


Tawtute Txen (slightpepper)

Exceptional Read - I've actually read it more than once, and must say for me it has been like seeing the movie all over again, with all the extra scenes added back.


Hell yeah I'd read the script. I'm a film major. And this was the best movie I've ever seen.


Back in Feb 2008 I was lucky enough to be on the set of the opening street scene in this script (cut from the film) here in Wellington, New Zealand. I was an extra walking with Jake across the street set in some sprawling future city. The set was stunning, like a street scene from Blade Runner (and Cameron was obviously paying homage to the film). There were massive green screens behind the set, so you can only imagine what the final scene would have looked like... Tokyo on steroids I’m guessing. VERY much hope this opening scene is in the DVD/Blu-ray.


Interesting that you would make the whole script available on the internet for whoever would like to see it. I wouldn't have imagined you would ever get the legal clearance, but I'm glad it's here. I'm trying to get into many forms of writing, including screenwriting, and this seems to be a particularly fine example of the breed. Thanks very much!

Zeretulas Aketuan

Well well... I would have liked to se that scene in the movie, but you cant get all you want can you?
Anyway GREATEST movie ever seen, NEED MORE OF IT!!! and it would be very nice if they make an exstende version of the film where we have many of the deleted scene in it so... LET IT COME!
And it was interesting to take a look down in the manu thanks ;D


Is that all that love scene was about? I dare the cast to sing "There's A Kind of Hush" on the carpet at the Oscars!

The movie might have made more sense for some with those scenes in, but it would have gone to at least 3 hours. The last film I'm aware of that had an intermission was Reds. I'm not sure we can put up with that these days.

The future, as portrayed in that opening scene makes 2154 look like a protracted and frayed extension of our era. Clothing and slang haven't changed or maybe it's just left as a loose end; there's probably a few technological needs, or wants, to be met; people will change very little or maybe for the worse as we see here; not a not of hope is held out for the environment. Avatar did as well to warn us on that in 10 minutes as Solyent Green and Silent Running did in about 2 hours.


Oh, and one other thing:



Just a minute! I don't recall Avatar Norm being killed off and I thought I saw him holding a weapon on departing RDA people at the end. I also don't see the line, "the aliens returned to their dying planet." Last minute changes?


Yeah, the script they released isn't the same as the one for the film. I read it way before this was posted. And btw, avatar Norm WAS killed off.

Caleb Watson

The script was really a strange idea.

But I'm not complaining!

I have downloaded it and am going to read it ASAP


The theater version of the Love scene is perfect. Adding back the deleted dialogue and the pony tail intercourse in the script would ruin the moment for me. I would like the blu-ray version to linger much longer in the scene with sustained shots focusing on their embrace, especially on their faces, more of a 360 degree around Neytiri circling behind Jake, slow motion to add to the intensity. See Neytiri's soft eyes, their body language tenderly yielding to one another. This moment is the pure union of their spirits and the current theater version doesn't do it justice. I would leave actual sex for a later movie and I have in mind a sex scene that would be the balance of mind, body and natural world, like three notes finally making a chord. Good night children of Ewya.

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